Which harness and PN for my situation please?


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I was under the same impression on wire length. The 7 runs in the tub, while the 8 runs out the tub in a plastic retainer to the rear.


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Well, its all wired up and I didn't have any issues other than I don't know what a handful of wires are for. There is one at the tail light which I assume is the license plate light, and it came with two side markers that wouldn't be used on a scrambler. There were a couple of lines that ran over by the solenoid that were marked but I didn't use them. I didn't find any lines for the underhood lights.

I also made a mistake with the weatherpack connector in that it is too big to go through the rear slot so you need to do all the soldering and crimping, put it through the slot, and then push them through the connectors. You will never take it back apart without a special tool but I wouldn't suspect you'd need to.

Overally, this wire harness was awesome and I highly recommend it. I didn't run into any problems at all. I took my time and figured I had about 4 total hours into the install of this harness and I added some sheathing to single run wires. It took me another 2 or so hours to get the complete Howell reinstalled on the new tub too.