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I would like to take some pictures of your awesome Jeep. I am from Oshawa, Ontario. Where are you located? If you are not too far away from me, I would come to your place to take some pic if you don't mind. Cheers, Trusty
Hi Adam. Someone recommended I reach out to you. I live in Gastonia and am looking for someone to do a full restoration on a 65 CJ6. Do you have any recommendations?
Hey rubclt, Do you have any references for how/where to weld the engine mounts? I'm on a new TDK Basic frame and I see they have mount holes, did you end up using that location? So far I can only think to assemble the drive train while on the engine hoist and start dry fitting. Where it gets confusing is how to angle the engine relative to the rear driveline (Sitting at 4" lift)
On the Hemi, I mounted the engine mounts, had a tub bolted to frame. Checked radiator by holding up grill. I didn’t do fenders until after painting and wish I mocked them as the inner fenders needed to be cut around the coil suspension shock towers. Not sure which frame and engine you are installing
Its an AMC360 using the advanceadapter mounts. Frame is a basic TDK from quadratec (No extra options).I didn't factor in the Tub clearance, I'll add that to the checklist. I was primarily concerned about driveline angles to the axles with a 2.5" suspension lift. Just for sanity I was planning to mockup with a T5 and D300.