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Hello everyone, new member here trying to get some history on my recently purchased cj8. It originally had a 4 cylinder and I believe it is a renegade model due to the steering wheel. The thing I am curious about is the rear seats. How rare is this to have? Thanks!
Make an actual post, not a "profile post" these rarely get seen. All rear seats are added after the fact, they came equipped with the holes in the floor for them but never were sold with them.
Not a word outta anybody yet. So I am calling straight to corporate to find out if anybody there has a pulse. Hang in there.
Chamba, where did you get that extended soft top?
I had it made at a marine top fabricator in Vero Beach. Not cheap but really nice quality. They made another one for a good friend of mine in Colorado for $500 but he had to give them his old bestop bikini because they need the plastic lip that goes in the channel at the top of the windshield.
Interested in where you had it done in Vero beach. I’m close by so looking to do a tan full soft top.
Starting to fix this rust bucket
I plan to buy a 1982 cj8, 360 v8 4 barrel carburetor. How much power and speed should I expect, from this engine?
Thanks, for responding