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I would like to get 1 of your cross members to fit my 1983 scrambler.
Price and shipping to 97222 in Oregon.

thanks troy
Cross member with 4 mounting tabs $120
Fedex ground shipping $50.23
Delivered total $170.23
I call it a crossmember its the peace that ties the rear 2 frame parts together like a bumper?
I was at Kim's house in Molalla oregon and he had several on his jeeps he bought from you.
How do i pay you

thanks troy 971-221-8225
Sent you a PM
Issue: My 4.2 is currently not running. I was driving down the road and heard a "Poof" sound. I know, I know, great description. I pulled over and the motor was running hot and a little bit of oil smoke was coming out of the oil breather filter on the top. The motor turns over and I will give you the actions that I took below.
You're making these as profile posts, not forum postings. Go under one of the subforums and post there.
Currently working on my 1982 Scrambler that "died" toward the end of the summer and an XJ that has some rust issues. I'm not going to give up on it even though it gave up on me. Also, looking for events to meet up with some CJs. I am currently living in NC but home is MI.
I am in Supply, NC, by Holden Beach, with an 82 Scrambler. I was also looking for CJ events around here. LMK if you find any. BTW - I have seen 2 other Scramblers around Wilmington.
Hello Mike, I hope all is well... I sent the Adams' with a Memorial flag that I had done for Ken and the family. I thought you would would like to have one, I know you cared as much about Ken as anyone else so I wanted you and Mike to both have one. If you don't have it already I'm sure they should send it to you soon.
Hello, Kim. I've got a friend in Dallas that recently restored an 85 CJ-7 and would like to purchase an aluminum front frame cover. He's not on any of the Jeep forums but if you have an email address, I will pass it on. Thanks