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Hello Mike, I hope all is well... I sent the Adams' with a Memorial flag that I had done for Ken and the family. I thought you would would like to have one, I know you cared as much about Ken as anyone else so I wanted you and Mike to both have one. If you don't have it already I'm sure they should send it to you soon.
Hello, Kim. I've got a friend in Dallas that recently restored an 85 CJ-7 and would like to purchase an aluminum front frame cover. He's not on any of the Jeep forums but if you have an email address, I will pass it on. Thanks
Hey Jason. I would like to get one of your rear cross members. How much are they and what would shipping cost to 70520?
I'm currently out of stock right now. I have a order in with my laser cutter. Hit me up again the first of August. Thanks
Sure thing. Have fun at the nationals. I'm gonna make it one year.
Dustin Bryant wanted me to contact you about a grill I have for sale, could you please call me or text me at 540-847-1342


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Dose anyone know where to buy a cad soft top that only covers the front seat?
Jeep was brought back to daily driver status as of December. Still going strong; a little brake squeaking and some issues with the emergency brake engaging at the last click - hopefully I’ll have time to check that out soon.


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