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Chamba, where did you get that extended soft top?
I had it made at a marine top fabricator in Vero Beach. Not cheap but really nice quality. They made another one for a good friend of mine in Colorado for $500 but he had to give them his old bestop bikini because they need the plastic lip that goes in the channel at the top of the windshield.
Need a step bumper for my Scrambler restoration. I see you posted a pic of a white step bumper to help a guy in 2019. Can you help me find one? Mine is about rusted in two at the hitch..... Thanks, Rob Love 865-415-1566
Might also be interested in front jeep springs maybe even rear ones too?
Man, you are so in luck! As part of our trip to Michigan we will be really close to you! Are you coming to the Silver Lake event near Muskegon???
Hello. Just saw your post on here that you are from Wisconsin. I just purchased a scrambler a few months ago and am new to the jeep world. Been having a blast so far doing some of the small things and driving around town. I am located in the Wausau area so not to far from you. It has been a great project and learning experience for me. Just thought I would reach out and say hello to another Wisconsinite.
Hello back! That's pretty awesome that you've got a Scrambler for a first Jeep! I've had mine since 98, but took it off the road in 04, and this year has really been the first time I've been driving again since. My back certainly remembers how nice it was to switch to a Grand Cherokee back then! But man is it fun cruising with the top and doors off. I hope to be more active around here.
Thanks for the welcome- Jim