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Hello, just looked closer at photo of your Jeep on the aluminum body armour thread. I like the tubing you have from rear bumper to frame to protect body. Do you like it and does it work well? I have been considering something like that. This summer I banged up my rear corners on some rocks. Any more pics or info to a previous thread about your Scrambler would be appreciated. Thanks, Jeff
Hi Charlie,
Would you be willing to sell the red doors separately?
If so, what would you ask for them?
I have a world cab top that I'm working on, but it only came with empty door shells, and the glass is all but impossible to find!
Thank you!
- Steve W.
Thank you for the message, I will think about it, but I don’t think I want to separate them out at this time. I’m sure you know already but they were C.j. 10A doorsHere in the United States. They use them as airport hugs. A guy named Jeff Scherb had a good thread on this forum 10 years ago that told you how to turn those CJ eight doors into something that would work for what you’re trying to do.
Where did you get the rear cage? I would love to get something that allows me to still use the factory hard top...
It is made by Rock Hard, available online.
The Phone number the gentleman with the Wheels is 623-806-5558. If you get a hold of him and work some thing out that needs my help let me know My number is 505-947-1832.