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I'd like to purchase a horn button from you. If you'll reply with a venmo username - I'll send over the $30. Thanks
Ok, thanks. On another note, does it look like you'll be having the festivities for Easter week this year out in Moab?
As of now Red Rock 4-wheelers are planning the 2021 Safari. Their website should have the latest info.
Hi Moabite. Have you had any dealings or know anything about Dixie 4WD in Moab? They want to become a customer of mine and I'm trying to get a read on what kind of reputation they have. So far, it seems that they have a large following but that seems to be online. Any input would be appreciated.

Bugman (Steve)
Sorry, I know nothing about them.
I am also in Louisiana, Saint Francisville to be exact just north of Baton Rouge. If you would like to get together sometime and do 8 stuff.

I really like the Saint Francisville area. I wish my 8 project was moving along better than it is but the lack of funds are keeping it slow. Just kind of gathering parts as I can and doing some horse trading to get what I need. I'll let you know the next time I'm in your area. Happy New Year!
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I can understand taking it slow and gathering parts as you can afford them. Yes let me know for sure when you are in the area. Happy New Year to you also.
I haven’t heard anything from masscj2a, my secrete Santa recipient. Mailed from Duneland in Silver Lake, MI first of December And a letter with some goodies a couple days later from Indiana.
Haven’t heard or seen anything from him.
Sent him a PM this evening.