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Currently looking for a latch bracket for CJ8 swing out tire carrier. Does anyone have one for sale?
hi if you did not sell the side steps let me know i have a 82 laredo thanks 505-550-5445
hi do you still have the bulkhead? if so give me a call thanks 505-550-5445
Yes, the bulkhead is still available. I'll give you a shout after work today.
Hey - not sure if you're still around. But, I came across your CJ-8 build. I'm also in the Austin area, and I'm trying to find someone to build a nice sporty roll cage for mine. I can't find any information on "Cactus Custom Metals". Can you point me to them?

No longer have home in GA. New address is 6 Wonder Lane Russell,PA 16345.Cell # is same 3867743353. Cloud 8 currently sitting in FL but Gladiator is everyday driver here in PA. Cloud 8 back in operation next winter. Norm
Hi JS, checked on the 258 motor I have and the code on it is 604-A-02 so it is not what you are looking for. Hope you find one and "keep on jeep ' n".