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I might have to buy you a beer and you can school me on all things scrambler. Good to know someone is close by. Would love to see your 8. Drop me a line whenever.
Pat kelly
John N
John N
Give me a call anytime....804 840-1845.
Let me know if you ever want to part with your 85 Renegade. I have a bunch of jeep stuff to possibly trade.
I'm definitely interested in the wheels if they are drilled for center caps. Thanks.
Yes they are.
Will call you tomorrow, wont bother you on Thanksgiving day but I want the doors.
Thanks, Jeff
I texted you that I would like to buy your doors. When can I come pick them up?
Great looking jeep Did you stay with 2 inch front springs? I am looking at allan springs.
Thanks!! I didn't.... I had a went to the same width as the rear.

I can tell you, now with the bigger tires (almost 25 lbs per tire more); Alcan will have you weigh your jeep on all 4 corners and give them tire size when you order. I did when I had the 32s the new tires have hurt the ride some (not surprising).... More unsprung weight. It was really fantastic before; it's not bad now, just not as good....
Hey Brian. I PM'd the guy with the top and the guy with the doors. I'm not looking to buy them but wanted to tie them up so you could contact them before someone else bought them. The doors are under "Other Jeep and Jeep Parts For Sale" in the classified section.
Thank you, I also messaged him about the top, doors depend on the price, I can fabricate the upper corner on non mail doors pretty easily. I’ll look for the doors and I left the guy with the top my number
I though I saw a post you had of warn 8274 for sale. I cannot seem to find the thread again. I was wondering if you still had them for sale?
Thank you,
End caps are drilled and tapped and ready to go. Use Paypal Friends & Family and send $159 to and PM me your shipping info.
I believe you messaged me on Ebay about a wheel and a nutmeg grab bar. As a CJ8 member it is less cost to buy from here. The wheel is a YJ wheel which is 7/8" shallower than the CJ wheel. I have some CJ wheels I can do in any color you want. I have a nutmeg grab bar.
Kim what would a price be on a black cj wheel and a nutmeg grab bar? Also what would be the timeframe to get them. Thanks,Mike