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I'm in search of a full ACME hard top. there were several on the internet over the past months.
Now that I have the funds, I can't seem to find one. The one on eBay, the guy won't respond to my questions and it looks shady..
I found one, the rear lift gate is missing and I think it is ACME specific.. I have a wanted add on Craigslist, people have been responding with 1/2 tops.
Anyone have or know of one for sale?
1983 SCRAMBLER, 350 SBC, 700R4, Dana 300 TC, Dana 44 Axles, 35" tires
Filling a 25 year void in my heart since an X girlfriend totaled my original Scrambler.
i have an 81 CJ8 that is needing some frame work. Do you know if your 85 rolling chassis would work for me? I have seen some referred to as wide track on the later years. thanks, Brent
Hello, just looked closer at photo of your Jeep on the aluminum body armour thread. I like the tubing you have from rear bumper to frame to protect body. Do you like it and does it work well? I have been considering something like that. This summer I banged up my rear corners on some rocks. Any more pics or info to a previous thread about your Scrambler would be appreciated. Thanks, Jeff
Where did you get the rear cage? I would love to get something that allows me to still use the factory hard top...
It is made by Rock Hard, available online.
The Phone number the gentleman with the Wheels is 623-806-5558. If you get a hold of him and work some thing out that needs my help let me know My number is 505-947-1832.
Im selling a full set. Never installed. Def cheaper than new. Where ya from. Im in michigan. See my post.....
Hey guys I bought a 83 scrambler 6 months ago and I'm getting to the point of body work and just wondering if anyone has a new or used tub that I could purchase or any fenders
Hi Mike, sorry for the late reply .. I do have a tub (fiberglass, 4WD Hardware) if it is of interest (I ended up buying a new steel tub from Willies [not worth the $] - PM me and we can figure it out of you want.
Hey Kim, we bought a set of your endcaps in 2017 and would like to buy another set for a new project.
Thanks, Kate and Ernie
I'm trying to find a safari top for my '83. I had before, but it had too many issues to keep. Now I'm searching for another, but haven't had any luck... Any ideas?
I might have to buy you a beer and you can school me on all things scrambler. Good to know someone is close by. Would love to see your 8. Drop me a line whenever.
Pat kelly
John N
John N
Give me a call anytime....804 840-1845.