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Have a question on registering a WaterCar that uses the 1964 chassis. We are having issues registering in NY was hoping you might have a suggestion?
also looking for a black full hard top and tips on painting my black half top thank you for having me as a member
Howell efi kit install???
Yes! There are many EFI kits out there to choose from. I installed the Howell and a DUI-HEI distributor. Haven’t had an ignition or fuel issue after what seemed like 20 tow truck rides since.
Last set on hand went out yesterday. Should be picking more up from the foundry any day now. I'll let you know. Thanks
Hello, Kim. I'm new to the forum, but a long time owner of Jeep Scramblers. I heard that you sell cast iron rear bumper end caps, and would like to buy a set. Do you have any available for sale? Thank you. Kristen and John, Crofton, Maryland.
Kim Dawson
Kim Dawson
Will be picking up a few sets from the foundry any day now. They are cast aluminum.
Special K
Special K
Perfect. Please let me know details for payment and shipping.
Hi all, just getting to the point of replacing fuel/brake lines/gas tank/ brakes etc. Would Inline-Tube products be a good option for the lines and what would be recommended for changing over to a power brake system? Just joined as a member and will post pictures as soon as I am allowed to.
Thanks for the help.
1983 Jeep Scrambler CJ-8, original 258, T18 w/ granny gear, Dana 300 twin stick transfer case, Dana 44 rear, Dana 35 front, 4" suspension, 1.75" body lift, 35"x12.5" BF/Goodrich KM2 tires, 8K Warn winch, and full time lockers front and rear. 1979 CJ-7, 350 Chevy, Super T-10 trans, 4" suspension, original rears, 33" tires.
Love your Scrambler! What kind of wheels are those? And did you make the rear bumper or is it aftermarket? That pivot point is massive and looks really strong. That is where most others crack over time. Thanks!
Wheels are 16.5" Trail Worthy Fab recentered H1 wheels with PVC inserts. I made front and rear bumpers. The pivot is a dana 44 spindle, stub shaft, and lock out. It has started to shack some going down road. I am not sure if the spindle is cracking or if the bearings need tightened, or my latch isn't good enough to hold it all. I want to redo the rear bumper out of plate to protect corners better at some point.
Hi Danny I’m interested in the Jeep and would like to come out in the morning I would call but it is 8pm
Jeff holder 909-229-5079
I'm in search of a full ACME hard top. there were several on the internet over the past months.
Now that I have the funds, I can't seem to find one. The one on eBay, the guy won't respond to my questions and it looks shady..
I found one, the rear lift gate is missing and I think it is ACME specific.. I have a wanted add on Craigslist, people have been responding with 1/2 tops.
Anyone have or know of one for sale?