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    Windshield Frame ID

    On the ‘76-86 CJs, the no rib windshield frame was original from ‘76 until early ‘83. At some point in ‘83 production on the CJs changed over to the single rib windshield frame. The single rib lasted through the end of the CJ production in ‘86.
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    TF999, slight whirring sound in park/neutral

    Have a fresh rebuilt TF999 that has a faint “whirring” noise that is only present when in park and neutral. This noise only appears when I shift from one of the three forward gears (D, 2, 1) then into neutral or park. If I go from reverse into neutral/park the noise doesn’t show up. While the...
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    Dana 300 highway driving operating tempurature

    End play checked out good. I’m just going to run it for a few hundred more miles and keep an eye on it, then do a fluid change. Will see if getting a few more miles on the new bearings will help out the temps.
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    Dana 300 highway driving operating tempurature

    Sounds like it could very well be the new bearings in the rear output shaft breaking in. The transfer case gets fairly hot to the touch (can only hold my hand on it for a couple seconds, rear aluminum output housing feels slightly warmer than the cast case). I’ve never monitored transfer case...
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    Dana 300 highway driving operating tempurature

    Temp reading after another 40 mile drive.
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    Dana 300 highway driving operating tempurature

    Those of you with a temp gauge installed on a Dana 300, what sort of temperatures are you seeing with sustained highway driving (over 55 mph for more than 30 miles)? First trip in this Jeep since clocking the transfer case near flat, installing twin sticks, Novak front output shaft, and advance...
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    Questions with Lokar Throttle Valve / Kickdown cable setup - Return Spring and slack in cable?

    Couple questions for those running the Lokar throttle valve/kickdown cable with a TF999 transmission and an AMC 360. On the transmission end of the cable, do you need to run a return cable to pull the throttle valve lever back forward (towards the engine) when no throttle is being applied...
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    AMC Jeep V8 engine build; which sealants, RTV, etc to use and where?

    I'm finally getting around to assembling my AMC 401 to swap into my 360 equipped '85 CJ8. Been a while since I've built a complete engine so I want to double check on a few things. The '76 FSM for the 401 calls for Permatex no. 2 on the chamfered edge of the rear main bearing cap and along the...
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    TF999 hard tp shift out of park position? What could cause this?

    I'm in the process of installing an AMC 360 V8 in place of the 258 in my '84 CJ7. The Jeep currently has TF999 automatic transmission that was rebuilt about 15k miles ago. Ever since the rebuild of the transmission, it has been hard to shift out of park. It goes through all of the other gears...
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    AMC 401 build: Knocked one of my Bulltear pistons onto concrete. Now what?

    Long story short, I am finally putting my 401 together after years of gathering parts and putting off the assembly. I started to assemble the engine and found out one of the camshaft bearings was not installed perfectly, causing the camshaft to not fully seat in the engine (tried my Engle and...
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    AMC Jeep 360 V8 w/ motorcraft 2150, trouble with initial stumble off idle under moder

    I'm needing some direction with an issue I'm having on my 1979 Jeep Cherokee S 4 door. The Jeep has what appears to be a stock rebuilt 360 with the 2 barrel Motorcraft 2150 carburetor. The Jeep had sat for several years before I purchased it. The issue I'm having is, right off idle when you hit...
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    Original Jeep CJ steering column used with an AW4 automatic transmission

    I am looking into another 4.0/AW4 drivetrain swap from a '93 Jeep Cherokee XJ, this time into one of my CJ7's. The Jeep this is drivetrain will be replacing has a 4.2 with the TF999 auto. The Jeep currently has a B&M floor mounted ratchet shifter, which I would like to replace with an original...
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    Best place to buy Carling rocker switches

    I'm looking to build a custom console to house my RADesigns shifter for one of my postals with the 4.0/AW4. Within the console I'm looking to incorporate several Carling rocker switches to control things like my electric fans, lights, etc. Does anyone know of a good source for these switches...
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    AW4 transmission mount - source for other mount options w/ flat belly skid

    I am needing to know if any of you who have installed a 4.0/AW4 drivetrain have come across an alternate transmission mount that will have the correct 6.25" bolt hole spacing (I believe this is correct, will double check) on the transmission side but then use removable bolts/studs to attach the...
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    4.0 XJ OBDI, source for box terminals for relays, maxi fuses, mini fuses in PDC?

    I am needing to know if anyone has ever been able to locate a source for the correct box terminal connectors that will work in the PDC from an OBDI XJ. In my 4.0/AW4 swap into one of my '84 Postal CJ8s I am needing to add some additional maxi fuses, mini fuses, and replays to the PDC for the...