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    Frame Cracks

    Time depends on how far down the rabbit hole you go. My six-month project went and found the bottom of the hole, and turned into a full build with a new tub, and took four years. I'm not a fan of shackle reversals, but others have alternative opinions.
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    Sway Bar Disconnect, Am I missing some thing(s)?

    That's not unusual for any vehicle, in my experience.
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    1 piece axle

    I've got Yukon shafts in my 7, and I've actually installed a set of OMIX-ADA shafts for a friend of mine that looked and functioned just fine as well.
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    Coffee Walk Scrambler edition!!

    AMC did all kinds of weird things. My '85 CJ-7 base (bought new by my dad) came with tinted hard top/doors, PS/PB, 258/T-5, tilt column, denim (high-back) seats, clock/tach, smoker's package, TracLock, towing package (HD rear springs), center console. The dealer added custom pinstripes and...
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    Scout axles?

    Those are good axles. The rear is easy: cut off the old perches, and weld on new perches at the correct spacing. The front is trickier, depending on what you want to get out of it. You can either narrow the axle, or outboard your springs. The second part is setting the pinion angle and the...
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    What is your go-to solution for carrying extra fuel?

    The Aerotank is attractive, but the price killed it for me. For less than half, I got a junkyard OEM 20 gallon tank shipped, a Kilby skidplate, and my custom tank made. We already have tail-draggers, and the Aerotank further hurts departure angle. This doesn't matter if you don't wheel it...
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    What is your go-to solution for carrying extra fuel?

    As I progressively moved up engines from a 304, to a 360, and a 401, my 15 (that held 12) gallon tank on my '84 CJ-7 that became my Scrambler was woefully inadequate. When moving back to Alaska from the east coast, in addition to the 5-gallon jerry can that I had built into my tire carrier, I...
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    Budget Iceland Offroad ZJ build

    People here with the heated TruckLites (and I think there's a JW Speaker that's heated too?) said that the heating element just tends to bake the road grime to the plastic. It was around 20 degrees last night, and although there was no precipitation, I could feel at least a tidbit of warmth on...
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    Budget Iceland Offroad ZJ build

    Parking lights on; switchback is still bright. You can't tell from the pic and it's hard to catch in real life, but when the headlights turn on, the switchback/DRL dims slightly. Nice side shot with the headlight on dim. These things are AMAZING. I should have done it five years ago...
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    Budget Iceland Offroad ZJ build

    Not entirely the end of the saga though: when I had it all mocked up, the dim was bright and the bright had the LEDs completely off. I was ready to toss in the towel when my wife suggested that I just reverse the wiring where the relay harness plugged in to the OEM headlight. I pulled out my...
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    Budget Iceland Offroad ZJ build

    My son was “helping” me in the garage and asked about the engine hoist, so I showed him how it operates. Maybe a week or two later, both kids were in the garage with me playing with the hoist; just jacking the arm up and releasing the pressure. I ran upstairs for something and heard a loud crash...
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    Stock suspension

    With 33"s you have AT LEAST a 2.5" lift. Especially coming out of Florida, check your body mounts too because you may also have a body lift.
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    My "new" dream Scrambler

    They work fine with the Crown frame I have now. ???
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    My "new" dream Scrambler

    Working with what I’ve got, over the last couple days, I 100% completed the passenger door and went ahead and drove around with the driver door missing the outer handle. Oh; and my Crown windshield frame FINALLY came in. Crown is at least using the same thickness as OEM, but there are still...
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    My "new" dream Scrambler

    Wait; seriously???