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    Alaskan Postal Scrambler/World Cab - count/registry - help build the list

    You can, so long as it meets factory I/M for the original vehicle that the newer engine came from, AND you get it passed by a California referee. When Anchorage had California I/M, it essentially ended legal engine swaps because you'd have to take the vehicle to California to a referee station...
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    Available Tops for Scrambler

    #4 is a custom one-off. There was no factory half-cab for the postal. An owner cut down a postal World Cab to make that one. As to other tops, Whitco also made a factory half-cab for full hard doors.
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    Gas tank/ skid plate recommendation

    I got a Kilby skid and it's been great!
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    FSJ AMC 20 strength

    They've got bigger tubes and 1-piece shafts, so yes, they are stronger. The only "weak" point they still retain is the relatively small amount of engagement between the tubes and the cast diff housing itself, but it's not that bad. Guys build FSJs and keep the stock axles all the time...
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    My "new" dream Scrambler

    Another shot of the tailgate. With the BesTop seal in place, it actually doesn't even want to close all the way. And another shot of the windshield frame. Emblem close-up. Proof of concept: I hate how I have to carry a 1/2" on an extension to fold the windshield frame down, so...
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    My "new" dream Scrambler

    I did eventually get the driver's side door worked out. And my buddy painted my "new" hood. It's a pre-'81, so it has the divot for the blackout light, but whatever. I admit I was slightly disappointed with the paint, but he wanted to finish the buffing in the spring when I was ready to...
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    Postal Rear Leaf Sping Question

    It's just a spring shop here in Anchorage that builds their own packs, etc. The owner is a Scrambler owner though!
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    Budget Iceland Offroad ZJ build

    My friend looking at the ZJ later commented as I was winching the WK2, "Wow, that winch is fast!" I later checked the driveshaft while rotating on jack stands and decided that both the slip yoke and the centering ball were slightly going out, so I ordered a whole new shaft from Adams, and...
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    Budget Iceland Offroad ZJ build

    I couldn't ever figure out what was going on with the driveshaft vibration, and ultimately decided it was probably because I needed a new rear driveshaft; maybe something happened to it while I was changing to the 1310/1330 conversion joint? I don't know, but removing the rear shaft caused the...
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    Budget Iceland Offroad ZJ build

    Pre-gear change pics that I forgot to post: Cool pic a buddy of mine took and edited when my club was doing a winch demonstration just after I installed the headlights. Note the lack of winch. The solenoids had started giving me fits, so I took it off to give it to a guy who uses the forum...
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    Budget Iceland Offroad ZJ build

    I’ve been sitting on a set of used 4.10 rear JK gears for several years that I’d been holding onto because they are larger than the ZJ’s Dana 44HD ring gear, but they fit on the ZJ carrier and the pinion will work by using a Chrysler 8-1/4” crush sleeve. (This conversion also requires a...
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    Rear bumper frame tie-ins

    There was a guy selling reproductions on eBay for awhile. I may have bought his last set as he was getting out of the fab business. Post #318 on my build thread shows a pic of one side as I was installing them. https://www.cj-8.com/threads/my-new-dream-scrambler.27328/page-16 I did sleeve them...
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    AMC 360

    Certifiable did more work than I did. I’m away from the Scrambler at the moment, otherwise I’d take pictures. I’ll be back on Tuesday. In sum, I have the Advanced Adapters tailshaft, which is all cast aluminum. I used one hole already in the tailshaft for the mount/torque-arm, and drilled the...
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    What’s it worth. CJ7 export top

    You’d need to do the same thing as everyone else trying to run half-soft-uppers: get a TJ frame and cut/weld the pin.
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    Need advice on which Jeep to keep...

    Keep the XJ and sell the WJ. Aside from the blend-door issue, the 4.7L is going to have top-end issues that will require a tear-down soon.