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    Help with BDS YJ spring conversions

    OEM YJ shackles don't have that center piece. So, in a factory-swapped application, these springs would be just fine. You can probably drop the center bolt/spacer from your aftermarket shackle and still be safe.
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    'Mater - '77 Cherokee S 4-door

    The first time I broke in my 401 was in the shop of the guy who built that engine. He was a speed-shop guy in Vermont. We shut the engine down twice during start-up for various reasons, and I questioned him for all of the aforementioned reasons. He said it's ok to shut down mid-break-in, so...
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    'Mater - '77 Cherokee S 4-door

    The priming sticks only take a couple seconds to work when you run them with a drill. The only time I've done the vaseline job was when I just wanted to start the engine immediately.
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    Passenger mirror

    As shown above, you position it forward and look through the windshield.
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    Sealed vs Grease-able U-joints - the Low Down

    From a force analysis standpoint, the tiny holes drilled in the center of the cross-shaft are in locations where they impact the integrity the least. Yes, they have some impact, but it's minimal. You also need to consider the benefits to having fresh grease to the needles. The Alloy USA...
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    Sealed vs Grease-able U-joints - the Low Down

    I have to admit my confusion; it's been so long since I've worked on a stock CJ axle shaft, I thought Scout axle used the same size u-joint as my CJs do/did. (It is definitely the same as my wife's ZJ, which is the 760X.) CJs used the 260, which is still a 1310WJ joint, with smaller caps...
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    Sealed vs Grease-able U-joints - the Low Down

    The u-joints shown in the video are driveshaft joints, not axle shaft. I'm not aware of a Spicer product that is a greaseable 5-760X (a/k/a 1310WJ a/k/a 5-260). On my wife's ZJ, I run the non-greaseable 5-760X, but on the Scrambler, I run the Alloy USA version, which not only uses a hardened...
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    Sealed vs Grease-able U-joints - the Low Down

    He oversimplified this. You can get the 5-1310-1X that is the SPL hardened cross-shaft, greaseable, with the thrust-washer in the cap and the high-quality caps, with the zerk placed in one of the caps. Yeah, it has the greasable-style seal, but there's something to be said about being able to...
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    AMC 401 cam recommendation

    I can't remember part numbers, so I'm probably not much help. I ran a Crower for my first build that was definitely a low-end cam. It ran the engine like a sewing machine, but absolutely fell on its face above 4000 RPM. It had low-end torque for days, but with the 35"s and 4.10 gears, I...
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    1983 Driver seat fix, passenger tilts forward?

    CJ-7s also came with driver-side tilting brackets. Both my base-model '85 CJ-7 and my Renegade '84 CJ-7 had tilt brackets on both front seats.
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    Charcoal Canister venting options - seek opinion

    The charcoal canister WILL do something without any other I/M equipment present. It just takes three vacuum lines (plus the line from the tank). Presumably, you have a PCV valve (this barely counts as emissions equipment). You need to install a T-fitting and run one line down to the canister...
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    Current Scrambler pics

    Following my friend driving her BF’s postal.
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    Current Scrambler pics

    This is already posted in my build thread, but it’s still the latest photo; right after cleaning and installed the 401 and V8 emblems. Lately, all my pics are of the ZJ. I have been daily-driving the Scrambler though, so that’s nice!
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    Alaskan Postal Scrambler/World Cab - count/registry - help build the list

    Two more VINs from my buddy Pete; one runs, the other is a parts-postal: 1JCCE88F5ET019654 (runs; drives on the street) 1JCCE88F5ET019685 (parts)