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    AMC Camping guide

    Anybody ever see one of these. Pretty sure it predates our CJ8's as there is no mention of a CJ7 and the Wagoneer has a 1974 plate on it. Picked UK p a few last year, never seem to have been "used". It's a tri fold brochure.
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    Can someone identify this top

    I think PetesCj-8 has it right!
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    Wiring harnesses

    Is it me or does it seem like all old CJ wiring is black when you strip wire off of it?
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    Help needed

    Square tubing would be stronger. Where are you from? I assume not USA since you said cm and not inches? Good luck.
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    Giving it a Jolt

    All right Dom. I hate when I get in my CJ7 and forgot that I am not driving my a work truck where usually only use the clutch when starting from a stop. For those that don't know, big trucks/tractor trailer, etc with manual transmissions don't usually require using the clutch when shifting the...
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    Southwest Performance Wire Harness

    I wonder if it uses cheap wire. You know the kind that looks like 18 gauge and is really 22 gauge in heavy sheathing?
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    TJScrambler - Getting Started

    But I have the winning mega million ticket, you must have the winning powerball ticket.
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    New member new cj8

    Welcome. We saw that one on here.
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    Lose the scrambler badge, sticker, slight lift and bigger tires and I think it would be better.
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    What’s it worth. CJ7 export top

    The metal "blades" are definitely factroy soft top for hard door items.
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    Been a while since we had a Beer thread...

    About the "fanciest" beer I ever drank and enjoyed. I like cheap massed produced beer that looks like Bud, preferably that is Bud. Told that to a Bud rep once, my wife later told me I called his beer cheap. Got a pint glass out of him anyway.
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    2020 Scrambler Owner Association - National Scramble - Rausch Creek, Pine Grove PA

    This is right after the Bantam Jeep Festival which is June 11-13. If you are coming from far, might be cool to hit both of them. I have never been to the Bantam show unfortunately.
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    Bulkhead Modification

    If the bulkhead is in hood shape, maybe sell it after you find one that has rust issues in the bottom. You should come out $$ ahead.
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    Went to a Jeep "Drive by" today

    Went to a Jeep "Drive by / parade" today. A Local 4 year old, Kellan, has Medulloblastoma(cancerous brain tumor). Over 100 Jeeps drove by him in his condo complex. Family new something was going on but not what. Organizer and Kellan's father wheel together. He was very excited when he saw all...
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    Center-Diff 4wd systems Swapped into CJ's

    There were(are?) Part time kits available. Also quadratrac also came in 4 wheel high only and there was an optional low range kit for them.