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    8th Annual Secret Santa gift exchange - OPEN NOW!

    Im late to the party dam...
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    JerseyJeeps Road Trippin' Thread

    Good to see this thread back up again. Got to get myself updated again.
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    World Cab Top For Sale-SOLD

    Awesome top. Surprised no one grabbed it yet. Super rare and hard to even find in the states.
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    SJScrambler - Getting Started

    Great job cb
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    What's on your Work Bench?

    Fresh carbs .
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    Goodyear 31x10.50x15's on closeout at Walmart

    Not bad theres 2 near me. Maybe i should keep them in stock.
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    7th Annual Secret Santa Gift Exchange Open!

    Thank you for the great gifts. My daughter helped me open the box. I got a cj8 matchbox, fragile beer from xmas story, apple wisky and a yankee hat. Thank you so much all will be used tonight :)
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    7th Annual Secret Santa Gift Exchange Open!

    Yep the sender didnt understand what i ment i guess.sorry for the confusion but I had the seller send it. thats part one of three.More to come Friday :)
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    Scrambler Ambulance

    one of these was listed on ebay years ago and didnt sell i think it was 20k i hear it is now in a museum. this was talked on here and a few more pictures where found also... there was one in brooklyn coney island back in day that my father seen running around...
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    SJScrambler - Getting Started

    i been gone 2 years and your still on that thing lol... looks great man..
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    7th Annual Secret Santa Gift Exchange Open!

    Its been a while but im in..
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    Photobucket is back?

    Hmm this is easier then years ago. Lol
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    New Site Issue Thread

    This is great! Finally
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    The air hawk How long would it take to fill 35s? Lol sent from my flaming samsung note7