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    JP Magazine Done

    Autoweek went the same way a few months ago. They moved the remainder of the subscription to Car and Driver. It's too bad, but I get it. We're paying for the content more so than the delivery medium.
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    Welcome. There is a wealth of knowledge here to support you in your restoration efforts.
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    RIP Jessie-

    So sorry to hear this. It's never easy. We lost our golden retriever, CJ, a year ago last November and we still miss her terribly. About 6 months ago, we finally decided we were ready for another dog and now have Rubi. It has been a wonderful thing for the whole family to have a dog in the...
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    It's all fun and games till someone breaks a knuckle...

    I've been happy with the setup from Chassis Unlimited. I have a Dana 44 front though. I can't remember if they make a setup for the 30 as well, but it is worth checking out.
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    Anyone near Monticello,Minnesota?

    What are you looking to do?
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    I’m new to site. Just moved to Minnesota

    Hopefully nothing major at your hospital stay. There is another Scrambler owner in Darwin. Maybe we can figure somewhere in between all of to get together.
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    Wheel spacers? Evil, meh, or go wide!

    I would look at wheels with the offset you need to create the stance you're looking for.
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    2"-3" Lift with a ride the wife will like?

    Rubicon Express 4.5" is the best riding kit that I know of. I run their 2.5 inch springs on a springover lift. They are designed for a springover, but could probably be modified for spring under.
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    I’m new to site. Just moved to Minnesota

    SW side of the Twin Cities Metro. A meetup sounds good.
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    I’m new to site. Just moved to Minnesota

    Welcome. Looks like a good project to get restarted. We have a few Minnesota members here. I'm in Chaska.
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    An update, could use some prayers.

    I'll be thinking of you and your family as well. Wishing all the best to you as you work through this difficult time. As much as we say we love our Jeeps... they are just things though that when it comes down to it are nowhere near as important as family.
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    Inspired by the photo contest - great 8 photos

    Here's some from this weekend.
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    Scout or Wagoneer 44's

    I agree on the axle being upside down in the pic, you can tell by the ball joints as well. I also agree on the Waggy axle being better for a CJ. It also depends on your intended use. If this is a trail rig only, ther Scout axle will be fine. The Waggy axle will handle much better on the road.