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    What's on your Work Bench?

    Great work CB but are you shipping them South or waiting until Spring next year for that pesky Sun to appear properly again? :D
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    GM OBD2 scanners?

    Just to follow up that the problem appears to be my cheap scanner, tried it with a different but equally low quality cheap scanner and that connected straight away!. Thanks everyone it was a simple thing after all!.
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    GM OBD2 scanners?

    Thanks all some good info there. At present i want it purely for present and future diagnostics on both engine and the auto, check engine light goes off once started. As for Tuning then maybe a long way in the future once its actually on the road, but thats not going to be for a long,long time yet.
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    GM OBD2 scanners?

    Wiring is as per the GM schematics from the C4 connector off the ECM to the connector.. Pin 16 Orange +12Volt Pin 4 Black - Ground Pin 5 Black with white tracer - Ground Pin 2 Purple - Data (Goes to C4 11 on the ECM) Pin 9 Tan (should be or once was yellow) Not required for OBD2 +!2Volt and the...
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    GM OBD2 scanners?

    Actually now you mention it i do know someone with a Snap-on scanner will see if he will lend me it for a few hours.
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    GM OBD2 scanners?

    Before you read this just note i am based in the UK where Chevrolet dont really exist and GM purely make passenger cars and SUVs under the name of Vauxhal!!!!! I would like to know what do you all use or recommend to read engine/transmission codes on your modern LS swaps? I have a 2000ish...
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    82 UK Spec Laredo Scrambler Build No 2

    Well amazingly it fired up first time!, that clicking went away once i remembered to put some oil in the power steering pump :o
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    82 UK Spec Laredo Scrambler Build No 2

    Loom is back in and as i am giddy to make sure this thing will run and has no issues before i start on body work i have created a Frankenstein style wiring system to hopefully temporarily fire it up. Just the one major important ingredient missing which is the fuel and as all my Jerry cans are...
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    Coffee Walk Scrambler edition!!

    Not sure about a history lesson more of a sponsored sales pitch but watchable purely because who doesn't like looking at Scramblers!
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    Factory Colors on Stock or Restored Jeeps

    @FLCJ8 Just noticed this sorry!. 81 Narrow track on 33x12.5 x15s on the aftermarket 8" wide rugged ridge steels. No suspension lift as its on a heavy duty suspension setup that was originally installed from factory, but there is a small body lift that i had to do to atop the MD Juan tubs rear...
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    Master Cylinder Rebuild

    Well @ag4ever 17 months later i came across this little fellow in my stash of parts! Its a non assisted master though not sure if they are the same or can be converted are you still looking for one? .
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    Clutch Pedal Retainer ?

    Yep @spankrjs is correct i stumbled upon my rusty looking example tonight whilst looking for something else.
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    Tailgate latch ideas?

    I would of thought the wave washers were more to stop rattling and put a little bit of tension on the latch to stop it flopping about not for tension to keep the tailgate firmly closed, (only have one per side on each of mine!) Has anyone on the forum got a tailgate that actually sits flush? i...
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    Brake, marker, dash lights don’t work

    Odd one but scanning through the wiring diagrams all those things that are not working points towards the turn signal switch or the fuse that feeds it. so i would suspect that either the long connector at the bottom of the steering column (think mine is black) that feeds the turn signal switch...
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    82 UK Spec Laredo Scrambler Build No 2

    I like your idea on the headlamp relays i may well steal that idea for myself :smokin: