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    Times They Are A Changin'

    Congrats! Census is increasing quickly!
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    Bringing An(other) Overlander Back Home II

    No, the reverse lights and the reflectors are discontinued. Best to search Ebay and Ebay Australia. I randomly found a few pair of the reflectors on Ebay very cheap (and have a pair for you). The reverse lights can be found randomly, too. I found a pair but have not received them yet and its...
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    Bringing An(other) Overlander Back Home II

    I still haven't taken good new pictures of the big red one but here are a few updates: -Removed, sanded and repainted the rear taillight housings. -Installed new Hella tail, reverse and front indicator light lenses (mix of NOS and new). I've learned that all the original Euro / Australian style...
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    Belgian Scrambler?

    Lots of interest, me included. Send some more pics of the interior and engine bay. Let us know a little bit about the original color and anything else you can.
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    Coffee Walk Ep. 98: Buying a local 1981 JEEP SCRAMBLER

    Wondering if anybody saw the original listing to see an asking price.
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    Bumper end caps fit what?

    Your end caps are already on my J10!!! But are on a 1984, not an earlier model.
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    Cj-8 not worth buying?

    Funny article, as he notes reliability issues in the Scrambler but not the CJ5/7. Now, I have seen the "don't buy" from an investment standpoint as some think the Scrambler market is too high already. I say look at the Bronco market and in my belief, there are a lot more Broncos driving...
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    What parts from other AMC's also fit Scramblers?

    Some of the late 70's / early 80's AMCs with floor shift automatics use the same plastic shift boot, rod and knob as the Postals and Overlanders. Worth some money for these owners. Some interior knobs are the same. Probably other random stuff, too.
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    Difference between 84 cj motor and 88 yj motor?

    Luckily, this was funny more than anything else. Right after I imported the blue Overlander ('83 production year), I took it to Firestone for my state safety inspection and an oil change. We couldn't figure out why their prescribed oil filter wouldn't fit. I even walked across the street to a...
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    Difference between 84 cj motor and 88 yj motor?

    I believe they take a different oil filter. LOL. Long story.
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    1982 Slate Blue Metallic SR

    What a find!!!
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    Aftermarket or NOS?

    Those do look like the AMC-made versions. They are more rubbery and less stiff than the Mopar made ones that were just discontinued. A ton of those NOS AMC versions with the frame cutouts were found by Jersey and others and have been sold into the community.
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    OEM decal details

    Those are the standard 1983-84 SR Scrambler graphics (and red colors) in the pic. Have you reached out to PG to see if they will print custom colors? I've e-mailed them before, and they might work with you.
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    1984 SL Restoration

    Where do I submit my parts wish list???
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    wheel well tool boxes?

    I think that Scrambler is still for sale for $29,999 as well.