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    GREATCJ8 Restoration V3

    Getting close :thumbsup: :popcorn:
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    GM 2.5 151 4 cylinder paint color?

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    What's on your Work Bench?

    Seeing the condition of the ones that you have saved, nobody could question your evaluation of what's repairable. :thumbsup:
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    Frame up restoration of my 1981 CJ8

    The three following snips are from the '81-'86 parts manual:
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    1968 CJ-6

    Never heard of that before, it's a great idea. :thumbsup:
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    4XE vs 392 Wrangler

    This is supposed to be the language in the proposed bill. "As written, the 4xe would qualify for $8500 total ($4000 base, $4500 made in a US union factory). It would not qualify for the $3500 over 40 kwh/under 2.5 gallon or the $500 US made battery cells." I don't know the particulars on the...
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    4XE vs 392 Wrangler

    This is my wife's 4xe Sahara. We drove from north Georgia to central Florida ~1-1/2 months ago, haven't used a drop of gas since getting back here. We are averaging 32.4 mpg since the start of the trip. The hybrid range (~26 miles) works perfectly for most of our daily use. We ordered it from...
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    Flat Towing Scrambler

    From FSM:
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    Bringing this back up as someone listed this option for taller drivers. https://desertdoesit.com/collections/jeep/products/seat-slammers-2018-2022-jeep-wrangler-jl-jlu-gladiator
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    Side lights

    You may need to check your bulbs and connections in your front parking lights as well as the connections.
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    Side lights

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    Side lights

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    Side lights