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    Need some help from the Scramber Express parts service

    Hey everybody, Jeepnyak and I are trying to work out an exchange of my half cab and bulkhead for his full top. Only problem is his top is in North Texas and my half cab/bulkhead are in Virginia. We are trying to work this out and seeing if the Scrambler Express can help with the...
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    4.2 Aluminum valve cover

    My 81 stock plastic cover is leaking around the front. Anyone have an good aluminum aftermarket valve cover than are willing to turn loose? :thumbsup:
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    Calling all Dana 60 & 14 Bolt Experts: Need some help/advice on axle upgrade.

    Well here is the short version, upgrading axles on Goose, my 69 Commando trail rig. It currently has a narrowed WT FSJ Dana 44 SOA in front and FSJ centered 44 in back geared 3.73 and both have Powerlocks. I run heavy military Michelin XZL 39" tires and am on borrowed time with the Dana 44's...
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    Tequila Sunrise - My Daughter's CJ7 Project

    My daughter has been demanding too much driving time on the trail rides! She had the nerve to ask to drive HALF of the time this year at Oak Ridge! :eek: Well, I laid the law down to her, let me tell you! I told her she if she wants to drive all the darn time she needs to get her own Jeep...
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    Anyone done a 258 with HO 4.0 head EFI Conversion?

    I have been squirreling parts away for some time to do a 4.0 head swap on a 258 for my Scrambler. I have a complete 258 and was considering having it professionally built with the 4.0 head but am torn between a 4 barrel intake setup, Webber or going with a Howell EFI kit. I know people have...
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    Do any of the TJ?JK Full Covers work for a Scrambler?

    No garage at the house to keep my Scrambler in (or any of the other Jeeps) :( so I was thinking about getting a full cover for it. I have a trail cover that works great when I just want to cover the interior (also fits the Commando) but I am looking for something that covers the body too. Will...
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    Red Scrambler Sighting Locust Grove, VA

    Rolling down Rt 20 south yesterday after dropping off some parts for my M715 :smokin: my buddy's shop in Rhoadsville, VA and spotted a Red Scrambler with factory decals sitting in a yard at Locust Grove, VA. It was raining so I did not stop but does it belong to anyone here?:shrug: Richard
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    Guys, one of our own urgently needs your prayers!

    Most of you know Ted Wendel either personally or via this or other Jeep forums. Ted is a great guy, good friend, and the most knowledgeable Jeep guy I have ever met. He has built numerous Jeeps including his beloved yellow CJ7; “The Exhibit”, shown here at Oak Ridge: He also built his...
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    Scrambler Prototype?

    What can I say, Jeeps are addictive! After promising my wife that I would "thin the herd" :angry: Nick, Ted Wendell's son, sends me a link to a C6 for sale just around the corner. "Just going to go look at it" I told her - right!:rolleyes: Well, it followed me home yesterday: With my...
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    Here Truck , here boy!

    Well the tire fairy came again today and left me these (they were too large to put under my pillow so they are in my trailer)::eek: There are six 38.5x11.00x16 XL's and two 38.5x11.00x16 XZL's all new, never mounted tires (the one on the right with the siping is my Commando's spare). One set...
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    My Scrambler is headed in a new direction

    Well, here's the deal - my daughter will be driving to school Next year and the Scrambler is slated to be her DD. Her school is 38 miles from the house with 25 of it via the Interstate. The stock 258 is a little tired and gets poor mileage plus she cannot drive a manual so the T5 will have to...
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    OT - Anyone here Belong to Yahoo CJ10 group?

    After picking up a mint, running CJ-10A airplane tug two weeks ago I have been trying to educate myself on these unusual CJ's. There is ot that much information about them on the web (found a few build threads) and the Yahoo group is mentioned often. I have tried to join the group but my...
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    I just went to look...honest!

    Well, what can I say, title says it all. Some people say it is a sickness but to me its an opportunity to make up for all the years I was Jeepless. Just happened to do a search on ebay for "Jeep" the other day (just looking...) and this one popped up near me. Now, you guys know I like...
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    Off Topic but worth watching

    Friend sent me this, it's worth watching. Don't know how they did it but this is great. :)
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    Are you bidding on this BigWalton?

    Eric, this is so you!:D And cheap, too!:D