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    AMC 20 drum brake parking brake levers

    Rock Auto is a good site to visit.
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    Rocker panel bolts

    What are you using in place of these? Have to look around. Think I saved the T nuts in a zip loc bag, tucked away in a box...somewhere.
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    Count me in. They look great.
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    1968 CJ-6

    What product did you use?
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    How does Acme top attach to windshield frame?

    Just a guess. Need to have its mate attached to the windshield for it to draw down to. Pic provided above shows how it attaches to draw down.
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    Jeep Cj8 replacement floor pans and body panels

    Did the same thing CB. Purchased one for the worst side..was a little leary even as I scrutinized the pics. Just received and am pretty happy. Little dinged from shipping but can be worked out. Not sure if I will do the bed first or keep with the quarter panel routine.
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    The '83 - Family Man

    Where did you order the brass float?
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    Half cab hard top can be made from YJ hard top???

    You nailed it! Maybe a little cheaper shipping wise on the bulk head vs half cab. Just reread your post. Did a Sunfish sailboat nose section that was damaged from rubbing rocks. My son, who works with composites, told me to shape the nose section of the hull with spray foam and a steak knife...
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    Current Scrambler pics

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    I thought this was called a torsion bar?

    My bad..just noticed arrow. Bottom rear both is now my New 2 cents. Good thing I haven't installed mine yet.
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    I thought this was called a torsion bar?

    Diagram looks like it is both forward bottom mounting holes..my 2 cents.
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    1997 F350 410 rears

    Think they are being used. I will find out.
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    1997 F350 410 rears

    300$. Ball joint front axle. Axles and axle shafts only. He used front wheel hub assembly. Not sure about the rear hub.
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    1997 F350 410 rears

    Saw an add on CL the other day for a set of rears out of a 97 F350. Not really looking but the price for both is an excellent starting point. What is the general opinion? Not sure if the rear is a dually..not sure it matters. Any how it is a distraction for the moment. And procrastination always...
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    Any Vintage Tractor Aficionados Here?

    Double score!