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    I'm looking for good aluminum wheels

    Since yours is a 1983 with wide track axles I would only go 8" wide. I prefer 10" on narrow tracks. = Budget will be your deciding factory. I prefer original steel or classic style wheels. Size impacts look a lot as well- 15 or 16 looks good to me- some like 22's......
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    Veterans Day

    Thank you to all the Veterans and Spouses/Children/Parents of Veterans. Today honors those that have served in the armed forces. Please accept my heartfelt gratitude for the sacrifices each of you made. I hope you feel honored/remembered today- as you should everyday. With tremendous...
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    Source for replacement horn button emblem?

    Don't know of a source but yours could look a lot better with some Flitz polish and elbow grease. If you find a source, please share. Kyle
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    Pouring oil into my frame to preserve it longer!

    I would use a cavity wax or treatment designed to coat the inside of the frame. I think Eastwood sells a kit with a wand and product. oil will likely sink to the lowest point, whereas salt will stick to all levels of the frame- meaning where the oil sits will be okay, but above that line may...
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    258 Dipstick

    I got one last year from JW Jeep in Antelope, CA. They were very helpful and quick to ship.
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    258 I-6: Oil Capacity?

    All of mine have been good with 5. the 6th is for what I burn between oil changes. :oops:
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    High crank case pressure

    I would start with checking the new PCV valve- even if it is new, that is the likely the easiest thing to check and if not function properly could be the issue. Have you done a leakdown test to see if the cylinders hold the compression or is the pressure escaping? Sorry you are dealing with...
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    Windshield Frame

    Possibly- but you would not want to (unless you can weld and don't value your time). Look for another OEM frame- the aftermarket are ok but thinner gauge metal. Best of luck and welcome to the forum.
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    Win A Scrambler

    Maybe our wives are related.....
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    Happy birthday Mr. Beep/Toby!

    Happy Birthday!!!!!!
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    Win A Scrambler

    Got the email too. Do you read this as you have to be there in person by June 14th or else you forfeit the prize? They will notify you by email or call on the 13th? "The winning ticketholder must do the following by Sunday July 14, 2020 to claim the prize or the prize will be forfeited: 1)...
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    Happy Easter

    Hope everyone had a Happy Easter. We found ways to connect with family near and far. Best wishes everyone. Kyle
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    OEM decal details

    May want to try Austin Jeeps- Golden Eagle graphics....