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    Temecula CA??

    I really appreciate the offer however I was able to find someone. He checked it out for me a couple days ago and now I just have to make the decision to pull the trigger or not. Thanks again.
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    Temecula CA??

    Nothing to exciting........ Its a scrambler. It would be really nice to get someone to put some eyes on it. Seller seems like a good guy but always nice to get a non bias opinion.
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    Temecula CA??

    Was hoping to find someone in the Temecula CA area to check out a jeep for me. Thanks for the help!
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    Coffee Walk Scrambler edition!!

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    Beer fridge!
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    1984 SL Restoration

    Part's monkey looks very excited!!! :D LOL
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    Belgian Scrambler?

    What he said!!
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    Win A Scrambler

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    84 Garnet

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    1982 CJ-10 Build Thread

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    84 Garnet

    Looks great!!!
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    My Newest Project - Me !?!?

  13. onesourcemike Membership Giveaway - Scrambler Photo Contest!

    The one that got away :banghead: