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    Project Blue

    Awesome build! I need to sit down and read through it all as this is close to what I’m doing. I have an ‘05 5.7 Hemi for mine but I want a manual NV3550 and Dana 300 to go with my stock axles. D30/AMC20 that are already built with 4:10 gears, ARB’s, and Warn FF Kit for 20.
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    Bantam Heritage Jeep Fest?

    After having gone several years now I’d totally agree with everything BW said. I will add the following comments: The swap meet is smaller compared to the huge vendor area but I’ve consistently found good deals and a few rare items there for the AMC/Jeep guys, both CJ and FSJ. This is home...
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    Beautiful 8 at a local lot-

    Well it’s no longer listed on their site. Wonder if we will see it again. Sure looked like a nice one. I’d guess it was a repaint at some point. The different colored door hinges usually point to that.
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    One of our own needs your thoughts and prayers - Mr Beep

    Get well Toby! I’m just catching up on this.
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    Who remembers this one ?

    Loved that build!
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    An update, could use some prayers.

    I’m just catching up on all this Randy. Very sorry to hear. You and your family are in my prayers.
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    8th Annual Secret Santa gift exchange - OPEN NOW!

    I got my SS gift this weekend...awesome model kits and two sweet stickers for my tool box! Mailing my gift out today!
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    8th Annual Secret Santa gift exchange - OPEN NOW!

    I’m good and I have half of my gift bought and just waiting on the other half! Can’t wait!
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    The Horton All-Terrain Medic "Star" Jeep (aka: Scrambulance!)

    Did the Omix-ADA guys know anything about them?
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    Bringing An Overlander Back Home

    Just read this whole! Absolutely beautiful Overlander! So, so, so jealous!! Congrats!
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    New to me 83 CJ8 Laredo!!

    Very nice! Can’t wait to see the progress!
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    Coffee walk!

    You have to remember that Dennis is purely in this to make money. Nothing wrong with that but that is his end goal. Being in TX he is in the middle of an area with lots of nice, dry, Jeeps. He does not keep up with the cutting edge of CJ collecting and will always be behind on things like the...
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    New owner

    Welcome to the best Scrambler site on the web James!
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    Times They Are A Changin'

    Congratulations Tommy! Best thing that ever happened to me. My little Jeep girl: