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    8th Annual Secret Santa gift exchange - OPEN NOW!

    I’m good and I have half of my gift bought and just waiting on the other half! Can’t wait!
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    The Horton All-Terrain Medic "Star" Jeep (aka: Scrambulance!)

    Did the Omix-ADA guys know anything about them?
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    Bringing An Overlander Back Home

    Just read this whole! Absolutely beautiful Overlander! So, so, so jealous!! Congrats!
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    New to me 83 CJ8 Laredo!!

    Very nice! Can’t wait to see the progress!
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    Coffee walk!

    You have to remember that Dennis is purely in this to make money. Nothing wrong with that but that is his end goal. Being in TX he is in the middle of an area with lots of nice, dry, Jeeps. He does not keep up with the cutting edge of CJ collecting and will always be behind on things like the...
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    New owner

    Welcome to the best Scrambler site on the web James!
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    Times They Are A Changin'

    Congratulations Tommy! Best thing that ever happened to me. My little Jeep girl:
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    Merry Christmas!

    Merry Christmas to my Scrambler family!
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    My Newest Project - Me !?!?

    Great news! Very glad to hear Raymond!
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    Matchbox/Hot Wheels Swap?

    Just found this at Michaels today.
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    Scrambler Ambulance

    Here is all the info I ever found on the “Scrambulance”:
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    Scrambler Ambulance

    I’d be interested in it if it was still for sale. I think $20k is on the high side but very cool to make into an over landing rig!
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    Local Cars and Coffee and 5 CJ8s!

    Very cool! Not many around me at all!
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    7th Annual Secret Santa Gift Exchange Open!

    Holy Cow! I got an awesome package! Thank you SO much to my secret santa for cool stuff! R/C Wrangler, Hot Wheels Scrambler, Matchbox Willys pickup, Camp Jeep tire pressure kit, Warn antenna flag and winch strap, King of the Hammers Bennie hat, Capital City four wheelers shirt and patch, and...