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    Rosco1974's 1985 CJ7 Project

    I am cleaning up the extra set I bought tomorrow. I think the shafts can be shortened and splined.
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    Rosco1974's 1985 CJ7 Project

    Been a minute. After getting caught up in the Holiday season I am getting back to work on this. Not much actual progress has been made since I last posted here. Mainly thinking, planning, tinkering and parts collecting which causes its own problems. What is going on: cleaning up the 304, heads...
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    4.2 or small block ford

    Spec sheets vary by source but I have a 1991 4.0L and these are the calculations @ 70mph
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    4.2 or small block ford

    I go right up, but on a long grade I may have to go to 4th and spin the motor a bit. Some people get nervous about these straight 6's @ 3500rpm but that's where they produce max torque. My 2003 Rubicon (4.10/5 speed/33") hated long uphill grades like I-70 east out of Utah @ 65-70. Needed 4.56...
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    4.2 or small block ford

    My 8 has 4.0L/AX15/4.88's/33"s so its a bit over geared to hold 80mph, but fun in-town and I dont worry about hills. Currently have a few projects in my shop that I am thinking of swapping parts around. My 8 will likely go down to 31-32" with 3.73 or 4.10.
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    4.2 or small block ford

    A 4.2L will hold 65. Need that V8 for 80mph. Appropriate gears needed for both.
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    Rusty Floor Panel and No Welder

    The next floors or sides I do for a Jeep that deserves less than full restore I am going to flange the sheet metal, panel bond and leave the edge on the inside/underside. So much quicker and probable stronger.
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    Craigslist and Estate Sale finds!

    $50 find. 304 manifolds, YJ bumper, etc...
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    Manifold(s) Questions

    If you do end up going with a Clifford I have a 6=8 valve cover if your interested.
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    Decals original and restored.

    Never seen this one before. Late 1986. Owner says all OEM.
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    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Traditional (a little extra paprika) and horseradish/Tajin. Happy Thanksgiving to all.
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    How to identify fuel tank size

    Metal is 15. Poly is 21.
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    walkerhoundvm's rebuild thread

    So pretty. Enjoy
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    Rubicon Express 4.5 Lift Install Question

    Did you eliminate the transfer case drop? If so I recommend the double cardan and new spring perches.