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    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Happy Thanksgiving to all
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    Used parts source.

    I searched around but didn't find any other threads about this site and I wanted to share it. If this is old news than I apologize. Dead Jeep is a Jeep stripper in Rhode Island that has all kinds of stock Jeep parts. I found them on Facebook and their website,, shows a very...
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    What is this hole in the doors?

    My doors have them too. There doesn't seem to be in rust proofing stuff in the them. They do have a plastic plug in them though.
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    Scout axles?

    Thanks for all the info!
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    Scout axles?

    After reviewing all kinds of info on axles, I am more confused than when I started. Eventually I plan on a 5.3lt LS and auto and 35" tires build. I plan on mild trails and long trips with this one. Stock axles are on it now but figured I needed to upgrade. I found some dana 44 out of a 75 Scout...
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    Hard door repair question

    That's what I was thinking about doing too..
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    Hard door repair question

    After studying Jeff's door repair write up, I stripped down my doors to begin the same repairs. However, my doors have a stationary quarter glass and not a vent glass and the glass opening is made different. Adding the angle iron to the glass opening like he did will not work on this type of...
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    Finally got another one!

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    Finally got another one!

    Just started taking the doors apart to make repairs. My wallet is setting the pace. Thanks for the offer to help.
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    9th Annual Secret Santa gift exchange - Open Now! - No membership requirement

    I'm in. First time and excited to participate!
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    4WD Discount

    Do the members of the club still get a discount with 4WD?
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    Factory vs aftermarket top?

    Is there any way to tell the difference between a factory 1/2 hard top and an aftermarket one?
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    Finally got another one!

    I asked him if it was you but he couldn't remember.
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    Meet Red, my 81 Restomod Build

    I remember when I did my 82, I had the same problem. I bought it from Collins Bros. and it was off. I had to trim the openings with a xacto knife to make it fit.
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    Finally got another one!

    Thanks! I've already reread you build for ideas.