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    Are the Scramblers getting to valuable to enjoy

    Might agree on the 5's, but not the 7's. Way more 7's out there. Only 27+K 8's total ever made, so much more limited supply. The 7's are being priced by folks who think all buyers are like the ones at B-J Scottsdale, IMHO.
  2. TexasAg77

    Are the Scramblers getting to valuable to enjoy

    Mine is waiting for the call from the shop to be redone. Paint, stripes, etc. Gonna be me daily driver as needed. Luckily am retired, so only drive where I want to! ;) Will still wheel it and tow behind the motorhome too. Can always have the paint touched up!
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    They want to buy the forum... again. Membership thanks and explanation.

    Good thing about reminders as I have been told my memory is the second shortest thing I possess...
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    What are you guys cooking!?

    No pics, but did an Orange Chicken w/ veg and udon noodle stirfry on the Blackstone tonight. Also made some cream cheese stuffed/ bacon wrapped jalapenos for appetizers. Retirement allows for so much more time for the fun cooking! :)
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    You’ve got to be kidding me…

    The '62 is nice, save the wheel/tire combo, but I am an old... Favorite Impala is a '61 bubbletop, but also if one could be found would be a '61 4dr hardtop. Still a cool front and rear, but easier to carrier folks!.. (Note- if you need 4 doors, buy a Old classic and not an italian jeep... ;) )
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    What's on your Work Bench?

    Got rid of the original horn and put on a dual 2 tone set and did some of clean up/ removal of unused wires from fog lights no longer on the jeep. Still working to get it down to a guy in GA that the Abbots recommended to the long needed R&R...
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    The fire dept brush truck Scrambler Part 1

    Glad you got it. I will be around to check it out. Got Ol Blue going again and it is my daily driver again since we retired.
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    Rocker Panel R&R

    With them being alum that is a little scary. Am not that proficient... :(
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    Rocker Panel R&R

    Not worried about saving, just need out...
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    Rocker Panel R&R

    Have been using Kroil for 30+ years. Already soaked them once, going to give them a second shot. Then the hammer and screwdriver. Just wondered if there was something better... Gracias.
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    Rocker Panel R&R

    I have held onto a set of rockers for the '8 for several years. Getting ready to get the repaint going on it and I did them out to look them over. My question is the T bolts are rusted/corroded in the groves tight. Best way to get them out or am I screwed? I have up with a dozen good T bolts...
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    How long have you owned your '8?

    Saw bunches of the tour rigs when we would go to To-hell-u-ride and Ourey each summer in the mid to late 90's...
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    OT Lost a good one today

    Dusty Hill of that Little Band from Texas passed today...