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    Scrambler photo contest

    Yes it’s fixed & ready for my annual Moab trip at the end of the month.......oh wait they’re closed 😬. The group I go with is thinking the end of September we’ll be make the pilgrimage.
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    Scrambler photo contest

    I do somewhere. I don’t remember about the grip 🤣
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    Scrambler photo contest

    Need an action shot
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    2019 Fall Gathering

    U should not assume anything 😁. I haven’t heard that it’s done. It’s definitely challenging the mechanic. I’m hoping it’ll b ready for this event. I’m attending Scrambler or not
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    2019 Fall Gathering

    Also planning on attending
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    Another Scrambler Purchase/Road Trip - UPDATE- BODY ON FRAME AGAIN

    Your preventative maintenance and attention to detail does pay off
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    2019 Scrambler Owners Association - National Scramble - Hurricane, UT

    Eric, u were close on the name of the trail, it was Double Sammy
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    2019 EJS and SOA National/Sand Hollow prep/trip

    Just got home & after seeing pics I want to go back now
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    My old 1981 SCRAMBLER returns 25 years later

    Super easy and mellow was not what I was thinking during our ride across the dunes. More like sit down & hooooooolllllddddd ooooonnnnn 😄😄😄😄😄
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    My Newest Project - Me !?!?

    Awesome news sir
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    2018 Fall Gathering

    We will b there Wednesday sometime
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    Great Smokey Mountain Jeep Invasion

    This red one was to be an export that never left the USA. One of the salesman @ the dealership kept it in his barn & has since passed away. The current owner found it, bought it about 15-20 years ago, and after it reached 25 years of age was able to get historical tags for it in TN. They...
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    Great Smokey Mountain Jeep Invasion

    Seen at the event
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    2018 Fall Gathering

    Planing on being there