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    4-speed manual tranny lock in reverse

    Just wait, you haven't seen the good stuff yet. Nice detailed answers are his specialty. :)
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    JMU Scrambler rebuild.

    I dream of an engine compartment that looks like that!!
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    Current Scrambler pics

    Snapped this one for the other thread, but deemed it unworthy. Hope to get the axles all checked out in the next month, then it should be ready for a trail ride and will get a much better pic.
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    Scrambler photo contest

    This picture is the WINNER!! Doesn't get any better than that.
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    What's on your Work Bench?

    The first pic, should look somewhat familiar. Thanks again to spankjrs for saving me an enormous amount of time and frustration with replacing an idler pulley bearing. Me and hammers don't always work out well, so tried something different for extraction and insertion of the bearing. After...
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    81 Anvil Scrambler Build

    Nice write up and even better looking 8!! Good way for me to start a Saturday morning.
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    Spankrjs 1985 Spring Special CJ-7

    Were you able to identify the alternator amperage that you have? I read where you mentioned it was larger than the others, so I was thinking maybe it was 70 or 78 amps. Went to get my replacement belt and parts this morning, and it appears that the belt (25-060882) for the 70/78 alternator is...
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    Spankrjs 1985 Spring Special CJ-7

    Your timing on this is impeccable. I threw my serpentine belt yesterday going down the highway. Now I get to reread this post again and go take a closer look at mine. Thank you again for all the great info and pictures!
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    81 Scrambler "parts Jeep"

    Like those leaf springs....
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    Survivor Project

    WOW! Amazing find
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    Project Blue

    That is AMAZING!!!
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    Acme Hardtop Rear Hatch Lift Cylinders - with Part Numbers

    I've started a spreadsheet that I update sporadically, only has about 70 items so far. Spankjrs inspired it with his post on the charcoal canister. Then grabbed a bunch from bigwalton here...
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    Rusty Floor Panel and No Welder

    I am in the same situation myself with the driver's side floor board. Not a big repair, but just enough that I haven't figured out how best to proceed. Looking forward to learning how you both make out with your repairs.
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    What's on your Work Bench?

    Slowly making improvements on mine...…...Knocked something easy off the list yesterday. The defroster should work a lot better now.