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    Advice on an '81 for sale

    Agree 100% with @bigwalton And others above. too many things skipped / left off. Looks like a quick flip jobber that is overpriced
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    The '83 - Family Man

    All four spots under the roll bar were rotted out. Bought the repair panels from Classic Enterprises. Other than those areas no other rot! Body is currently in the paint shop. I decided against the factory Mist Silver and am going with a modern silver used on the Ram trucks. Frame and all...
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    The '83 - Family Man

    Parts availability and supply availability have slowed things down quite a bit at the shop. Since I have been accumulating parts for my personal one for a year or so now I decided now's the time. Drove him in to the shop and a day later this is where we are.
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    bigwalton Postal teardown/rebuild - what would you do?

    Another vote to fix that tub. As you know I have a Willys Overland tub still in the crate at my shop that I bought for my Postal with plans to graft over the entire firewall from the original. Fortunately I was able to get my hands on a used tub that is in great shape that I will do the same -...
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    Flew to California to buy my first cj8

    Great story!
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    I hit 15k miles on mine last week In 11 months. Still loving it as my daily driver
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    Survivor Project

    Feel like this was the OPs plan all along - to get some expert feedback on what he had then set a price. Nothing wrong with that I guess. Just interesting that it wasn’t offered for sale here first
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    Scrambler in Jeep 2017 EJS video

    I'm 99% sure I know this 8. Guy lives here outside of Charlotte, NC. Not a big fan of social media. It's not his only 8. If it's the same guy the one in the pic still runs the stock engine/trans/t-case with upgrades in the axles. BDS lift, etc. He also has an 8 with a 454 BB that has been...
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    Ball and Buck CJ-8?!?!

    The price tag isn't crazy. If you consider what other places charge for a turn-key built Jeep (Toy Box Jeeps) or even ICON building FJs and Broncos in the 6 figures, Ball and Buck isn't out of their mind with the prices. Also they are not going after the masses. HOWEVER the quality and who is...
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    I stand corrected. Mine does have the heavy duty setup
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    by default the Rubicon has max tow. However due to added weight over a Sport S with max tow the Rubicon is listed as 7k.
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    Win A Scrambler

    2 tix here
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    I've towed fully dressed Scramblers and classic cars (just over 6k lbs) for over 4 hours on the interstate with my Gladiator. While it isn't the full size Ram I sold when I bought the Jeep it does the job. I have no complaints.
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    Project Blue

    Headed to exhaust shop this morning with @rubclt 's HEMI Scrambler.
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    Towed the HEMI Scrambler to the exhaust shop this morning