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    What's on your Work Bench?

    Is that Sage Green, a la 1992 Wrangler Sahara; or Sarge Green a la JK and JL Wranglers? Looks kind of between to me, but I agree, very sharp looking color.
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    What's on your Work Bench?

    One rail good, other needs patches. Looks like a beach Jeep, but from what I can tell, it never went to the beach. Guessing it was exposed to lots of animal “stuff”.
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    What's on your Work Bench?

    I drug this thing home last weekend, been dismantling it slowly. Shocking that a native Texan Jeep looks like one from New England. Been channeling my inner Craig. :thumbsup: Lived most of it’s life on a Texas Safari ranch giving tours.
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    What's on your Work Bench?

    YouTube torque test channel! DCF921
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    The '83 - Family Man

    The dual fuel pumps is the Achilles Heal of the surge tank setup. But, every Pleasure Craft Marine powered boat has been using a surge tank setup since before 2000, and I have not heard of too many failures. If I was starting over, I probably would have used a Fuel Control Cell from a PCM engine...
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    MrBeep/Toby & Jannie need your prayers

    God be with them!
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    ATX '83 Restoration Project

    Gig’em. I don’t recall seeing that around town when I was in school. I am assuming you were there around the time I was. ’97
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    Texas red title question

    Not bought yet. I‘d imagine that lien is long gone since the title was from ‘91. But the seller is not Clinton. At least 2 owners since then.
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    Texas red title question

    Does anybody have experience with transferring a Texas red non-negotiable title.
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    How does Acme top attach to windshield frame?

    I drilled and tapped my windshield frame for the J hook portion of the latch. I am sure rivets would work too.
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    How does Acme top attach to windshield frame?

    You need to supply the mating j hook. It is not a Jeep factory attachment method. The factory hard top used a strip of metal screwed to the frame and roof.
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    4XE vs 392 Wrangler

    I’m starting to lean towards the 4XE. There are rumors the tax rebate might be increased with the Build Back Better bill. If I work hard enough on a 392 deal, best I could do is about 7.5% under msrp. I think 5% under invoice for a 4XE in addition to the tax credit is possible. Making the 4XE...
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    How does Acme top attach to windshield frame?

    Looks like a draw latch. I have a similar latch on my half top. McMaster Carr
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    KISS Daily driver (keep it simple stupid)

    That is great, just wanted to prevent disappointment if you were expecting like original rims.
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    Any Vintage Tractor Aficionados Here?

    Every time my grandfather bought a tractor, the dealer would give him a model of it. His collection is in the Platteville, Colorado museum.