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    Rocker Trim Moulding Restoration

    Wow. I started to do mine realized it needed 100 hours to polish it and decided to just bedlinebit to match the top and bed. I reallllyyyyy wanted to polish mine out but after sanding off the paint and the anodizing it was too rough for me.
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    84 scrambler just got painted.

    Covering up the tire carrier holes for now. Since I need the tailgate to fold down to haul dirtbikes I can't use a stock carrier. These stainless carriage bolts work nicely.
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    84 scrambler just got painted.

    Good eye I actually did that on purpose to hide the liscence plate holes! I'm doing a flip down winch thingy here shortly or I may make a custom plate mount.
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    Line-up hardtop

    Mines done with raptor liner. You can spray it at home. My plans to use aerospace 303 protectant to keep uv damage down.
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    Fender support brackets?

    It's kind of a specific piece. I found some stainless ones on eBay but they are 80$ for 4. Might be worth it just to get it done?
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    Fender support brackets?

    Hello. My driver's side fender is missing the support brackets that go from inner fender to firewall. Does anyone have an idea where to purchase these? I've checked locally and no fenders or tubs I could find had them on them. Thanks a bunch
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    Technical and engine bay decal locations

    Bumping this up as I would love for an expert to chime in. Mine had some in the glovebox that were damaged/illegible
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    Removable carpet?

    Is there an aftermarket equivalent available?
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    Removable carpet?

    Hey guys I'm sure this has been covered before but is a standard cj7 carpet kit removable? Like does it Velcro around the seats and such? Is there an option out there like this? Thanks.
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    Scout or Wagoneer 44's

    Has anyone tried the Currie housing? Probably only need a custom sha
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    Yj leaf spring conversion

    You can also just snag conversion shackles like I did. The added length helped with the longer one yj springs. It rides sweet
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    Jeep Lean... thoughts?

    I went old man emu 2.5" yj springs and longer shackles. With no weight in the Jeep (top etc) it leans a minimum of 1" to the left. I found some Tacoma leveling spacers for leaf springs that are for 2.5" springs. I may try one of these under the rear right to see if that helps.
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    84 scrambler just got painted.

    Got some progress going. Stainless hinges and hardware is on. Windshield frame and cowl seal is done too. Hope to have the dash and windshield finished by next Monday. I'd like to get the seats seatbelts bulkhead dash windshield all done so I can get the bikini top on and catch this...