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    2020 Scrambler Owner Association - National Scramble - Rausch Creek, Pine Grove PA

    Do we need to sign up somewhere? I am planning on coming up there and don't want to miss because of missing the sign up.
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    Bestop Length?

    Darn, maybe I can put a heater in the bed and a tarp over it and see if I can heat it up. I don't have a garage to use. Ugh. Thank you for your feedback, it really does help.
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    Bestop Length?

    Hey guys, I bought a brand new Bestop top, 54608-15, and after getting all of the hardware installed I went to put the top on and it seems really really short. Yes, it is 47 degrees out, but I JUST took it out of the 72 degree house and put in place in literally 5 minutes. I measured my old...
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    2020 Scrambler Owner Association - National Scramble - Rausch Creek, Pine Grove PA

    A few questions, as I might actually get to make this one! 1) I only have 32's and no winch. Will there be trails that I will be able to drive on? 2) My 8 (almost 9 by then) year old might want to come to this. Is this "kid appropriate"? I am more worried about him being bored, car nut or...
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    An update, could use some prayers.

    Hey Randy, I am really sorry to hear about your mom. I will certainly keep you and your family in my prayers. My parents have recently moved near me and my dad is not doing well. It is jarring to find your parents, who have been your solid support since forever suddenly need you to be solid...
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    Hard Top - Do you use it?

    Hey folks, I am waffling between buying a soft top or a hard top. I am not a fan of the Best Top top, as I like the more "safari" look of the K-Line top in the summer. However, currently I plan on installing a more "family style" cage that is similar to Mr. Sunnyshine's so I can run a canvas...
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    World Cab Retrofit Project

    Anyone have blueprints or technical drawings of the World Top? I'd like a hard top across just the top, not necessarily the sides or back door. I really just want to keep the rain of our heads and the sun from baking our brains. I have been noodling on just forming my own top but if there...
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    $100-ish Rear Bumper....

    I really want to touch those floppy ears. Man, what lovely pups!
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    $100-ish Rear Bumper....

    Probably just couldn't see well due to the horrible reverse lights on old Jeeps. Looks like you have taken care of that problem!
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    Check this out!!

    Family and I are in Madrid, Spain and saw this. Do you recognize it? Roll bar is in there and everything. The driver didn't know much about it. I feel like the wheel base may be extended. Not a CJ8, but worth showing you guys.
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    Brake Booster upgrade ideas?

    Hey guys, I have a Navaho Booster on my Scrambler and the first one failed. But, we don't think it was a fault of the booster. I have a 383 made from a '72 block 350 and while it does have a new Edelbrock manifold, the tech is a lot of 1972 tech. About that time GM was sued by Corvette...
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    Fender to Grill Gasket???

    Well, I painted the heck out of it. I hope to pull the whole Jeep apart this coming winter and have the body painted while I clean up the frame paint, replace brake, fuel and other lines and generally go through it. So, I will put it back together sans silicon for now. I have replaced the old...
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    Fender to Grill Gasket???

    Thanks! I am painting it now and will put a thin layer of silicon as well.
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    Fender to Grill Gasket???

    Hey guys (girls?), is there some sort of gasket that should be between the fender and the grill? The former owner has used some sort of caulk which has dried up and looks crumbly red. Not sure if there is supposed to be anything in there or not. Any ideas? Thanks, Jeff
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    What’s the best replacement spring option - this?

    You may want to get your own Jeep weighed. If you have put a bunch of mods, heavy bumpers, roll cage and so forth on, it may be a bit heavier than stock. Maybe swing by the dump or truck scales and see if they can give you a general weight.