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    Looking for some rock sliders

    Any chance you can post a picture of what they look like underneath and how they attach?
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    Post-Silver Lakes - is Gear Oil Replacement Necessary?

    Hey guys, I had a great time at Silver Lakes and the highlight was meeting you all. I got back home, unloaded and slept and then got back in the drivers seat. I was on my way to auto-body class one evening and my driveshaft hit the pavement. One of the strap bolts that holds it to the Dana...
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    FYI: Myrtle Beach Jeep Jam

    I might be interested in that!
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    EV Conversion

    Hey guys, check this out! I don't think this is a production offering yet, but they appear to be converting a 1965 Mustang to EV using a Tesla motor. Pretty cool as this has photos of the conversion. https://revoltsystems.com/follow That is a pretty good sized motor!!!!
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    What's on your Work Bench?

    I'm sure it will turn up in the last place you look.
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    LS to AX15

    So is your left leg just a bit larger than the right now? Never skip leg day!
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    Not sure this is a CJ steering column

    That isn't much of a bearing! I got mine out pretty easily and noticed it is missing two or four roller bearings. I ordered a Crown kit so I'll just wait patiently for it to arrive.
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    Not sure this is a CJ steering column

    Well it was originally a manual transmission Jeep but the PO put in a 350/TB350 combo back in the 90's. I have no idea if maybe he put in this column thinking he'd use a column shift, but it is a floor shifter for the auto trans. Weird! I cannot get the sleeve to move; it is very stationary...
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    Not sure this is a CJ steering column

    Hey guys, I was going to put in the Wolf Eng. lower steering shaft bearing in today, along with a new Borgeson steering shaft and low and behold o_O my steering column has an extra sleeve inside between the outer sleeve and the steering shaft. Anyone ever seen one of these that has a sleeve in...
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    What to do?

    Having just put new YJ springs and new-to-me axles that I had to piece together out of three sets I'd say if you can swing it, get new axles from one of the axle companies. Axles suck to deal with, in my humble opinion. There are so many other things that you'll have to work on. I happen to...
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    Man, you are so in luck! As part of our trip to Michigan we will be really close to you! Are...

    Man, you are so in luck! As part of our trip to Michigan we will be really close to you! Are you coming to the Silver Lake event near Muskegon???
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    Fuel Regulation

    Hey guys, just an interesting item for you. I have a Chevy 383 with a mild cam and heads and have been running a Holley 750 4160 duel feed. I have been smelling gas since I installed the carb after the reman'ed Quadrajet I had been running bit the dust (butterfly rod had hollowed out the base...
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    SSBC Drum to Disk Conversion - A-130 / A-132

    I keep forgetting about that source!!! I see they have a lot of Right Hand calipers too. Where did all the Lefties go??? :)
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    SSBC Drum to Disk Conversion - A-130 / A-132

    Hey Guys, I am posting to provide some info that might help others with SSBC brake conversions on an AMC 20 axle. As you may or may not be aware, SSBC went bankrupt and has now come back. I bought my CJ-8 from the original owner who did a TON of work to it some 20 years ago or more. One of...
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    Drum Brake Backing Plate and AMC20

    Thanks! You can probably hear me groan from there. I'm noodling on my options at this point. daggum.