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    9th Annual Secret Santa gift exchange - Open Now! - No membership requirement

    Mailed “part” of mine today. Rest tomorrow.
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    Perfect storm & it was my wife's idea!

    Absolutely agree with BW. Dustin does AWESOME work, efficiently. I'm building a replacement Jeep for Jannies Caddy with LS/4L80 with all the bells & whistles. Strongly recomend at minimum coil spring front suspension for better ride and handling. Check out Jeff Beemers LS Scrambler also.
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    One owner I found

    They are still out there. Awesome find.
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    83 converted into a brush fire truck, seeking estimates on value and interest

    Comtact Jambo on this sight. He and I unknowingly were bidding against each other. I backed out, his is extremely nice.
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    Purchased my sisters Scrambler today.

    Welcome. Nice Scrambler. :wave:
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    Old Fart Check In

    Good to hear from you JC. We tried to warn you about the side effects of using that SAWS-ALL. :wave::rotfl:
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    My Newest Project - Me !?!?

    This is great news my friend. Answered prayers. Looking forward to seeing you this summer at some point. :wave::wave:
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    Aftermarket or NOS?

    There are a lot of knockoff Runck bumpers, rub rails, consoles and roll cages. Few if any matched Fritz's quality. If it doesnt have his "R" on the aluminum cap, it's not a Runck. The only way ro get a replacement cap is for Doug to personally verify it genuine.
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    2019 Easter Jeep Safari?

    Oh my! Devastating for the local businesses.
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    CJ8 Scrambled is now a garage pet

    Nice start. Keep up the good work:wave:
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    One of our own needs your thoughts and prayers - Mr Beep

    Thank you Getting better every day. Spending a little time in shop and enjoying it. Still can only stand for about 20 minutes before i have to sit for awhile, but enjoying being in the shop.:wave:
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    One of our own needs your thoughts and prayers - Mr Beep

    Thank you. doing a little work on projects. not able to do a lot yet, but getting better every day.
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    One of our own needs your thoughts and prayers - Mr Beep

    thank you. still taking it easy and doing very little. friends from all over th country have been lifting me up. very humbling. i am actually able to lay down (and get back up) from bed now, so vast improvements. :wave: