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    question for the VW folks

    I know there are some people here who are also VW fans. I was wondering if anyone can tell me what an early '60's Karmann Ghia front bumper is worth. It's in good condition (not showroom) and shows a little wear. I can't find any for sale anywhere to compare and only found one source offering...
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    aanyone check out the Pope mobile?

    Has anyone checked out the Pope's new ride? I've only gotten a couple of glimpses of it on tv. I'd like to see a close up.
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    Anyone in the Denver area?

    Any members here from the Denver, Littleton, Lakewood area of Colorado? If so I'm wondering if you can recommend a good family law attorney, specifically one who deals in custody issues. My daughter needs help. Please pm me. thanks.
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    Scrambler in a tv commercial?

    I've seen a commercial twice now and like most commercials I can't tell you what they were advertising. There's a bunch of pictures flashing on the screen while John Lennon's "Imagine" plays in the background. Somewhere near the middle there is a flash of what looks like a sand colored...
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    OT, racks for a Z71?

    I have an '08 Chevy Z71 w/ extended cab , no racks on top. I'd like to be able to carry my canoe on the roof. It's a Dagger "Encore", 13' open whitewater canoe with a lot of rocker (shaped a lot like a banana). The ladder racks I've seen to fit the bed won't work due to the curve of the boat...
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    Happy Birthday AdamH.

    :cheers:Happy birthday to ya:cheers::headbang:
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    Fuel pump question

    The Scrambler died on the road friday afternoon. I was in 5th running about 72 when it sputtered and began to loose speed. I tried to excellerate but it sputtered so I went to 4th and was able to maintain 65 as long as i was very easy on the pedal. Traffic ahead of me made me hit the brakes and...
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    65 years

    Today is my parents 65th anniversery :headbang:. Sunday we had lunch for them here at my house along with what's left of my family. My mother has been in a wheelchair for the last couple of years. She's gotten pretty weak and feeble. Last night she tried to stand up on her own and fell on the...
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    Seatbelt Hack

    old shop vac attatchments. I was too cheap to lay out the $50 too. These were free.
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    new use for old junk

    Not sure where to put this. The plastic that held my seatbelts up broke to pieces long ago. So to keep from having to fish around between the seat and the console for the belt I came up with a new support. Through the years I've worn out several shop vacs but I've kept all the attachments...
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    some questions about Craigslist

    I'm trying to sell off 35 years worth of stuff I've accumulated through the years (including Jeep parts) and I have a few questions about Craigslist. First, why do so many people respond asking "is [item] still available?" Are they just trying to get my email to send me spam? I don't repond...
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    Home made wine?

    Anyone have any experieince making wine? I have 2 loaded elderberry bushes in the yard and I'd like to make some wine. Looks like I need to crush the fruit in something like cheesecloth and put it in an equal amont of water with sugar and yeast. I have a recipe which give the amounts of each...
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    I'm looking at replacing my recently totalled Mazda Tribute. 4 WD is pretty much a necessity. Gas mileage is also a factor. I've found a '96 Cherokee with 64k miles for $5100 obo (it looks mint). I've found several Subaru Forresters and Outbacks mostly with twice the mileage as the Jeep but...
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    nearly lost my daughter

    My daughter came home from school this weekend to be a bridesmaid in her friend's wedding on Saturday. She spent the evening with other friends after the wedding and on her way home this is what happened:
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    Original radio?

    My '85 CJ 7 has a "Rampage" am/fm radio with a cassette player. Was this an original option or is this aftermarket? Seems like I remember that brand name from many,many years ago. It seems like I saw that brand in other vehicles too but it's been too many years to remember.