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    Meet Red, my 81 Restomod Build

    I have the similar seat issue, I have a really nice set of original black base seats in right now but have considered these....,%20All%20Black
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    U-joint/yoke issue?

    I read about your joint, not sure, another thought... did you check the pinion yoke, does move or leak? Could be pinion bearing causing vibration too... good luck tracking down issue
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    Excited to help our veterans and wounded warriors - 4 Wheel to Heal

    Looks like a great mission, thank you
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    Looks like sway bar mounts, you can see in this photo behind from cross member. This is photo of frame upside down. So the go on bottom of frame.
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    Jeep Rubicon 392

    Hmm... Hemi, half doors... I would have to sell my Hemi CJ8
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    Soft Springs OME, Pro-comp, Washboards, etc

    I have run three different springs with the same Bilstein shocks. The springs with thinner leafs ride the best in my experience. Helpfully information about leaf springs and ride quality. Good luck with selection...
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    TDK Frame - Paint vs. Powdercoat? Shackle reversal? Other modifications?

    I rattle can my rustic CJ7 frame, posting for comparison
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    TDK Frame - Paint vs. Powdercoat? Shackle reversal? Other modifications?

    I powder coated my TDK coil suspension. I used a color that matches a rattle can satin I use for Touchup. Painting yourself with rattle cans is $100, powder is $700... a factor to consider... I welded engine mounts to frame, something to consider depending on your engine option.
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    CJ7 Caroline Build

    Cleaned, prepped, painted and installed a 20 gallon tank and skid. I used a 15 gallon strap and it is too long, cut and overlap welded.
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    CJ7 Caroline Build

    Thank you, Doetsch Tech shock set from Rocky Road. Brake line Omix kit.
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    CJ7 Caroline Build

    Starting brake lines
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    CJ7 Caroline Build

    Rolling, more parts to add to a clean foundation. Before and after photos
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    CJ7 Caroline Build

    Rolling chassis again... drop drive train in, finish tub and marry the two again
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    CJ7 Caroline Build

    Cleaning grease off axles, this Gunk Gel did the job
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    CJ7 Caroline Build

    Rear frame cross member was bent from wreck, had a trailer hitch welded so we cut off and installed new one...