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    CJ7 Caroline Build

    Got a great deal on some used BFG MT KM3 33x10.50R15 and mounted on stock white wheels... need to finish welding floors and install drive train to see how tires ride :)
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    Project Blue

    thanks, let me know when you print again... or is there a source for the supplies?
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    Project Blue

    Yes, comes from unit under dash using lower pull lever to change gate.
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    Project Blue

    Air/Heat in one unit allowed us to use two top holes for electric lockers front and rear. Need to custom print new indicator labels is anyone has done this, please let me know.
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    Roll Bar Removal... with a grinder?

    I have used torch to heat bolts with success followed with slow speed impact gun with heavy downward pressure. A cutoff wheel making slot in top for big screw driver for damaged heads and finally cut head off and drill bolt out starting with small bit and working up... others may have more...
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    CJ retro wheels for JK/JL axles

    I have these on my CJ8 with JK axles under a TDK coil spring suspension. I did have change center cap with black and chrome Jeep like original
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    Rocker panel protection on my new paint job

    I think that is a Big Daddy Off-road
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    What's on your Work Bench?

    I added a light to my work bench
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    Opinions wanted: if money was no object.

    For me the BDS was a great improvement over worn out suspension, good luck with your choice
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    Where to put the stickers?

    these are photos of original location for reference, a little sun faded...
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    Current Scrambler pics

    Rose and Blue
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    Project Blue

    More parts added, preparing to start the Hemi before final cut/buff and interior. Top will be white and lettering on hood white Scrambler
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    Meet Red, my 81 Restomod Build

    I used the Lokar on my RFE545, it mounts on top on transmission, not sure if they have one for your application