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    New but not so new

    Looks like a great build. I have a buddy with a M170/military CJ6. It has long tall well wells (similar to yours) with little built in storage boxes. Have you considered adding storage areas to your wheel wells? Great place to put recovery gear and smaller spare parts.
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    The story of Peggy's jeep.

    Been making some progress on the less exciting things. Started out with a pile of dirty parts. Then cleaned for a while. Then took a pile of new parts and started assembly. I haven’t painted the axle yet as I need to weld on the spring perches. I have also been doing a bit of parts...
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    The story of Peggy's jeep.

    Decided to take 2 or 3 thou out of pinion depth. After installing the new race it looked a shade deeper yet. Measured about 24 in lbs of rotational force on the pinion. Aimed for 7-8 thou backlash. Added 15 thou for carrier preload and pressed on the bearings. Stretched the case just a...
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    Just bought an LS drivetrain.

    I ran this in my steel tank. It would be pretty easy to install in a poly tank. I cut the hole in the tank and installed the assembly. I used their roll over valve as the vent and plugged...
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    Center-Diff 4wd systems Swapped into CJ's

    Perhaps their longevity on the street is better. I have pulled/installed 4 quadra trac transfer cases in the same CJ7 in 2 years. Original was worn out/wasn't providing power to the rear. It was removed and replaced with a rebuilt QT with standard parts. It only lasted a couple trips before...
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    The story of Peggy's jeep.

    Finally getting around to working on the 60. I started fitting the bearings and oil slingers. Immediately saw than I was sent the wrong inner pinion bearing. Called OX, they overnighted the correct one. It was a USA standard kit that was vac packed, must have been a mixup at the factory...
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    Sway Bar Link mods

    I think your reasoning is good. 8.5-9” should be fine. For reference mine is a BDS 4” with 3/4” shackles. My sway bar links are right at 11”. I measured the stock ones at about 6”.
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    The story of Peggy's jeep.

    I haven’t seen that before. That’s another good option, although I can’t find it for sale in smaller sizes. I will probably have to spend the $50 on a pair of speedy sleeves. The repairs Belzona shows in their videos are crazy though.
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    Back after a long hiatus...have questions about fuel system

    That was written by the owner of Hamilton fuel injection. He is another supplier like Howell that uses GM TBI to retrofit engines with EFI. Had a buddy with a scout use him.
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    The story of Peggy's jeep.

    Ox #2 came in! Probably for the best that I did the front 44 first. If I had them side by side I probably would have talked myself into a 60 for the front as well. Not much else new around here. I need to plan for the steering changes. I am planning on running stock, or as close to it as...
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    Back after a long hiatus...have questions about fuel system

    I would try to get it running with the Howell setup vs starting over with a new system. The Howell system is pretty simple. I have a GM TBI on my scrambler with a 4.3 V6. I am running a factory computer and prom without tuning. The system is pretty well self contained. You do need to have...
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    New engine recommendations

    Rebuilding an I6 near what you already have will be the least expensive and quickest option. If you are swapping, I would pick 4a. LS engines are swapped in everything for good reason. They make great reliable power and are pretty efficient while doing it. Parts are inexpensive and in stock...
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    Someone called it a TJ 6

    I like the 4.3, but the R2.8 would be really cool!
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    Axle Rebuild - Gear Replacement Necessary?

    With the AX15 overdrive and living in CO I would be tempted to swap to 4.10. Higher elevation and mountain passes will make the I6 work. As other said, you should be fine to reuse the gears given they are in good shape.
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    The story of Peggy's jeep.

    I know you are right. I need to find a descent source for them. I've bought new parts for everything else, I don't want to be changing leaky seals on my new brakes after 50 miles...