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    Number of members? number of Scramblers?

    I think you're right, that front axle is a Toyota. It's like a Frankenstein of Jeep and Toyota. Weird looking! Someone put some effort into that.
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    4.0 Thermostat housing

    Yep, CA model. 4.0 head with Mopar kit.
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    4.0 Thermostat housing

    I don't have the parts numbers, but I wasn't able to use the port because it was too close to the bracket on for the serpentine belt This pic is a little deceptive, the plug is right against the bracket to the right. Here was the alternative I chose:
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    Current Scrambler pics

    Yesterday with my boys and a buddy and his boy and their TJ at the entrance of the Rubicon trail. The Gatekeeper is in the background. I'll do a short trail report soon, but yesterday was one of the kind of days why I own a Jeep. Awesome!
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    Speedhut CJ speedo gauge temp warning

    Long story, short, I overheated my motor years ago on the trail and can't ever go back to just reading a sliding scale temp gauge. I have to know the temp! So I guess I'll stick with redundant gauges. Thanks for the leg work on reaching out to Speedhut!
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    Speedhut CJ speedo gauge temp warning

    I'll standby for an answer to your question. My gauge still isn't installed and I haven't removed my original yet so I have time to wait. Thanks for doing that!
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    Speedhut CJ speedo gauge temp warning

    That's a good idea, I wish I would have done the same since I deleted my voltmeter already from a standalone dash gauge. Still very happy with it! On a related note, there is a port on the driver side that looks likely, but it is only a couple inches from the header. I'll check on the...
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    Speedhut CJ speedo gauge temp warning

    Bringing this thread back from the not too distant archives.... I have the Speedhut speedo cluster with the temp gauge on it. I also run an actual temp gauge instead of a voltmeter on my dash so I can know the exact temp. I would like the speedo cluster to work fully (obviously), but the...
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    Seat Conundrum - too tall after new seats. Need a definitive answer

    On my original tub the mounting holes are 7" from the driver's tub side and the passenger side is 9" (approx.) from the side. I have PRP seats with their mounting bracket. The driver seat is very close to the side while the passenger side has a couple inches to spare.
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    Scrambler photo contest

    Before mine turned just about every primer color there is!
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    Florence Az wheeling

    Fantastic looking trail. Great to see your rig out representing! Thanks for sharing those pics.
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    Speedhut black friday sale

    Speedo cluster is enroute!
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    Craigslist and Estate Sale finds!

    In an effort to have as many colors as possible on my Jeep I picked up a pair of YJ half doors this weekend. Had to remove the interior panels from them because my roll cage was too tight for them to close. Very happy for $350 She will get painted some day!
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    Deer Valley 2019

    The trip report/outdoor activities category is my favorite on this site but it gets no love! My addition this time is another Deer Valley trip south of Lake Tahoe. This is an organized trip by the Tahoe Hi-Lo's and is always followed by a delicious dinner and a good raffle. Probably 50+ rigs...