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    Dash pad

    i like the dresser look with the dash pad plus I think it quiets the wiper motor whine a bit
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    Ot: Bacon!!!

    Bacon calendar for 2018
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    1976 304 question

    Im thinking of pulling out the Iron Duke and manual trans and replacing it with a 1976 304 with auto trans out of a 76 CJ7. Im assuming I can pull the parts needed out of the 76 and use them in the conversion. Knowing Ill need to replace certain parts with new..motor mounts and the like. But my...
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    Ot: Bacon!!!

    This bacon has been actually soaked in Bourbon or it was part of the curing process, from the photo you may be able to see the liquid, the meat is a darker red that their other bacon, its more than simply smoked. It has a sweet almost teriyaki taste to it. I picked it up at a wholesaler...
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    Ot: Bacon!!!

    Nuff Said!
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    New Fire Truck

    I was on a volunteer fire dept for 13 years and also on the Police and fire committee for 10 of those years, spec out 2 fire trucks and an ambulance it was very cool going through the Pierce plant. BUT my pride and joy was my deuce and a half I used for my DJ company The tank was flat so it...
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    New to me LJ....... & LJs? How many of us are there?

    2006 drove it off the showroom floor Hard and soft top, love mine!
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    Anyone keep their jeep stock?

    While taking the pics of the vacuum lines I included what color my Duke was painted, Im not sure the name of the color but its kind of a slate blue ...Mine started in the Air Force so I don't know if the engine was painted a different color but my Scrambler is bare bones stock, not the usual...
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    Iron Duke 4 cylinder vacuum

    while shooting there photos I came up with a vacuum module that might be broken and need replacement but I dont know what this valve does.... Its broke off at the end where one of the vacuumed line attaches and it appears the other end has been crimped or bent and I would guess not working...
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    Iron Duke 4 cylinder vacuum

    I have more on my phone, send me your email and Ill send them to you
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    Ot: Bacon!!!

    What better way to start the day, Eggs n bacon, toast topped with bacon jam!
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    roll bar with shoulder belts question

    Well I'm removing the old roll bar and putting in one with the shoulder harness... man I feel lucky every time I work on the truck I read the issues others have and I kept putting off the roll bar swap because of the bolt issue..well I was prepared for the worse and it didn't happen. I removed...
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    Nutmeg/spice/tan is the new black

    Im finally changing out the black interior with Nutmeg/tan. With the seats out Ive cleaned up the floors surface rust and coated it with Rust-oleum and then repaint it with color matched Air Force Green
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    My other addiction

    Picked her up a couple years ago, before I put her up for the winter it just turned 23000 miles
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    Ot: Bacon!!!

    Bacon Nirvana I could take my shoes and socks off and run barefoot through those hills of bacon! Oh ya 5lbs of pure heaven All cooked up and ready to eat