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    hydraulic clutch conversion?

    I prefer hydraulic over mechanical for off road (less issue with frame flex messing up your clutch linkage geometry). I'd recommend using a bell with external slave for easier service/repair.
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    bigwalton Postal teardown/rebuild - what would you do?

    Denver to La Ceiba just shy of 3,000 mi (each way). My Scrambler has never been on a trailer (tow truck a couple of times but no trailer).
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    Fuel tank compatability from 4 cyl to 6 cyl

    Either OEM size (15 or 20 gal) could be had with 4 or 6 cyl engine. Sending units are specific to tank size.
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    bigwalton Postal teardown/rebuild - what would you do?

    LOL - How many countries have you driven it in? If less than 6, then you have some catching up to do! :smokin:
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    Brake Drums out of Round?

    I'd also try to have them turned to even out the surface (or return them for another set - just on principal that they should be made right in the first place). Don't want any pulsing in the brakes.
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    Brake Drums out of Round?

    Is the problem with just one drum or both (if just one you could swap them and see if the dragging occurs on the other side). A brake/machine shop should be able to test the drums for run out to see if they're warped (this would be unusual on new drums in my experience). Could also be that an...
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    Fuel filler hose with body lift issue

    Not familiar with that product, but the hose routing on a Scrambler is pretty twisted (I could see it easily forming a kink in the line). I'd probably opt to cut a shaped hose at a midpoint and install a short extension.
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    Ford 7.3 Godzilla swap?

    Yes I do (2 of them now actually). It was a pretty easy swap, but I would consider a Coyote or LS if I was doing it today.
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    Crazy wiper mod attempt

    I was looking at something similar. I found some rear wiper blades (beam style) meant for a mini van that are about an inch longer than a CJ front wiper blade. I think if I weld/attach the appropriate end onto my wiper arm, they should mount right up.
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    Current Scrambler pics

    IIRC a big chunk of fuel price in California is tax?
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    Spindle Seal Dana 30 - replace(?) dilemma

    Personally, I think this is just a way of selling more tires. A couple years ago I took my Scrambler in to have the tires rotated and balanced (part of the "lifetime" warranty service I had payed for) and they refused to do it because they were too old and "not safe". They still had a ton of...
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    To One Piece or Not?

    I used to spin 2-piece shafts with 31" tires. I would replace them with 1-piece while you have it apart even if you're planning on stock size tires (or better yet go with full floating if you can).
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    Passenger mirror

    Haven't had one on the passenger side for decades.
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    Stupid wiper switch...

    Nope, just looked this a.m. and my statement was correct. Small tab on the bottom side of the t-handle knob and a slotted nut in the bezel. The light switch has the same nut in the bezel, but IIRC you have to remove the whole knob and shaft together.
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    Stupid wiper switch...

    Been a while but IIRC there is a tab on the bottom of the wiper knob that needs to be depressed to get the knob off, then there is like a small nut inside the bezel that needs to be unscrewed (there is a slot in the nut that is where you can use a small flat screwdriver to turn the nut)