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    Holley Sniper EFI for BBD Carbs

    How about when you pull on the pressure side of the pump?
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    Holley Sniper EFI for BBD Carbs

    A Marine system would be pretty easy. All electronics are on the engine. All you have to provide is switched power and start signal to the solenoid. And a fuel supply. Senders for for oil pressure and water temp are part of the harness between dash and engine.
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    Holley Sniper EFI for BBD Carbs

    Is the vacuum high like a restriction? Maybe you could find a used Marine low pressure electric pump.
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    Holley Sniper EFI for BBD Carbs

    Unless it has changed recently Marine stern drive engines have not had an in tank pump or return line. They have two pumps, a low pressure to pull fuel from the tank and a high pressure in the vapor separator to feed the injectors. Excess fuel is returned to the line from the tank at the engine.
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    Steering stops

    Finally got back to it. I had the stops out too far. The knuckle was hitting the stop before the pump was at the end of it's stroke so it was trying to turn some more and flexing something in the tub. It's all good now.
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    Steering stops

    All rod ends and ball joints are new. I haven’t had the opportunity to look for the problem with someone else turning the wheel. I think it will be apparent when I can do that. The Jeep drives well. Wanders some but have never had it aligned. Did alignment with tape measure. I’ve had it close to...
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    Steering stops

    I have an 81 Scrambler with stock suspension, no lift. 31" tires. At full turn either direction I get a clunk which sounds and feels like the tub oil canning. I am quite sure I can correct this by adjusting the steering stops to eliminate that last bit of turning. I'm just wondering if anyone...
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    AMC401 or LS

    I had the exact same problem as you. I had rebuilt my 258 and it sat on the stand for more than a year while I waited to finish the rest of the Jeep. When I had it all finished and started to drive it, it used oil at the rate of about 600 miles per quart. I didn't see any smoke either. I too...
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    1981 2.5L 151 stalls hesitates and sputters on acceleration

    Sounds like the idle mixture is too lean.
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    4.2 Rattling top end problem

    In 81 there were two different length push rods. When I rebuilt my 81 4.2 I ordered new push rods. When I started it the first time, it ran ok but had a miss at idle. After scratching my head for awhile and checking all the obvious things, I did a compression test. A couple cylinders had no...
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    I made a step for my '81 Scrambler. I didn't want to drill into or clamp onto the frame so I used an existing skid plate bolt and a body mount bolt. It is very solid. I had it powder coated and added non skid.
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    Push rod lenght

    I am finishing up my rebuild. I fired the engine for the first time last week. It is a 258 that I totally rebuilt. The engine started fine and I set the timing but it had a bad miss at idle. I checked all the obvious things but found nothing wrong. I finally noticed a puddle of antifreeze on top...
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    Air cleaner with Vanco power brakes

    I finally got my Vanco power brake system and installed the master cylinder today. I have an '81 Scrambler with 258 and Carter carb. What air cleaner are you guys using with this set up? It looks like I have a maximum of 3 1/2" from the center stud of the carb to the vacuum booster. Thanks Bob
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    dash pad cover

    Has anyone found a dash pad cover that they like? Mine is cracked pretty bad but don't really want to spend what it costs for a new one. Thanks Bob
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    Change lube in SR 4

    This is probably a stupid question, but how do you change the lube in an SR 4 transmission? I can't find a drain plug in the bottom, but there looks like there is a boss where a a hole could be drilled and tapped for a pipe plug. It is mated to the 300 transfer case in my '81 scrambler. What is...