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    Day 1 GREATCJ8 Restoration V3

    Is it a VIN verified 1985 CJ8?
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    Steering Box Replacement

    I have shackle reversal on the front; did the MORE that moves the box 1" forward. That puts the drag link where it would have hit the sway bar. I just don't run a sway anymore (with Alcans it didn't make much difference)...
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    Craigslist and Estate Sale finds!

    Put a blower on it!!!
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    Adams Familys next Scrambler BUILD!

    Every time I think of this build I want to go strait to a crazy heavy duty long arm build on ultimate 60s. How do you resist?
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    bigwalton's new Jeep: "The Colonel" - 2018 Rubicon Recon JKU

    Just find someone that wants a snorkel and swap?
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    New Member in Iowa

    That's nice work! Also nice to know you likely saved one that most of us wouldn't have!
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    4.1 or 3.73 ? Axle swap gearing calculation (?)

    4.0L likes to be at higher RPMs cruising; something like 2700. 4.2 likes slower cruise.
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    Can't Buy It so I Built It

    Does the 2.8 weigh significantly more than a 4.2?
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    What's on your Work Bench?

    But there is no LS in that Jeep to harvest? :)
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    Gr8Dain's 4.0/aw4 swap from a 97 XJ

    How much pressure at the rail?
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    Gr8Dain's 4.0/aw4 swap from a 97 XJ

    Worst case get one and plug it in. I'm sure it will run open loop (badly) for a bit. You have hear that you want to buy the OEM brand for the 4.0 O2 sensors. Lots of people have had issues with Bosch and others...
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    MDJuan CJ8 delivered

    I think most painters would tell you; it depends on how many hours of prep they need to do, or is it shoot and go. I had a family friend paint mine and he changed me only for supplies and it was almost 3k. 1 stage vs. 2 stage would matter....
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    Gr8Dain's 4.0/aw4 swap from a 97 XJ

    I think if you don't have an O2 it won't run...... It wants to closed loop fuel; with no O2 sensor thats impossible... I might be wrong
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    9th Annual Secret Santa gift exchange - Open Now! - No membership requirement