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    hydraulic clutch conversion?

    Yep...the blue is where the 4 cyl clutch master went.... It's been 2-3 years; so memory is a bit foggy; but I remember 2 items that led us to the lower location. One is the nifty flange highlighted in red (that was part of the XJ cyl; might not be there on yours; we could have ground that to...
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    hydraulic clutch conversion?

    Might just be the slave from the XJ is a little different shape... Here you can see mine under the hood I haven't successfully gotten a pic from the inside yet...I remember thinking the painless fuse box is wider than OEM; even though the connector thru the bulkhead is the same.... I...
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    hydraulic clutch conversion?

    I swapped when I dropped in the 4.0/AX-15 intact from an XJ. The hydro clutch is FAR better. No more issues with frame flex & the ball jumping off on the trail. Nicer operation in general. If you have a painless harness the bulkhead connector is larger and kinda gets in the way of using the...
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    The Descrambler Project

    Looks great! Is it your daily?
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    Meet Red, my 81 Restomod Build

    Randy, Mine is Oriental Red (as close as my painter could formulate) 2 stage; with pretty much the deacals on the hood you have in the last pic.... Great minds think alike? I'm too tall for a half cab to ever work....
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    Times They Are A Changin'

    Don’t have twins...but have a 7 YO girl after the 15 YO boy. Completely different experience; absolutely fantastic to be a dad of a little girl.
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    Holley Sniper EFI for BBD Carbs

    How large is the surge tank? This seems kinda like adding another point to have issues....
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    Current Scrambler pics

    Did you seriously transplant the whole chevy cluster? I need more pics!!!
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    Happy Birthday to my Scrambler!

    I just know you better be driving it by the time it turns 40!!!
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    'Mater - '77 Cherokee S 4-door

    You upgrade the calipers to the Akebono's?
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    'Mater - '77 Cherokee S 4-door

    You won't get that old school white yellow with LED conversions!!
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    4.2 with 4.0 head or stroker?

    My stock 4.0/4.56 gears/ 295/70/17 will do 75 on the highway.....not much more; but I fell that’s plenty. I ride 90 minutes each way to my local orp.... little rough with mud caked wheels on the way home
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    4.2 with 4.0 head or stroker?

    This isn't just the 258....Modern engines make amazing power; the ability to control every aspect (fuel amount, timing, variable length intake runners, intake valve timing, exhaust valve timing) has been a game changer.
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    Win A Scrambler

    Hopefully someone on this site becomes the lucky guy to "look for more garage space"!
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    Win A Scrambler

    Mine arrived too