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    hydraulic clutch conversion?

    I did a hydraulic swap for my v8/ax15 swap. Does it work? Yes. Is it a pain in the butt? Yes - hard to adjust, worried about exhaust temps, and that time the o-ring failed on my drive home. The mechanical was such a simple, easy to work with design, but there was no easy way to keep it with my swap.
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    Meet Red, my 81 Restomod Build

    Ain't that just how the world works these days.
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    Fuel Pressure?

    There are some really good online writeups on this, what you're looking for are the rollover and liquid check valves. The return line on your sending unit is supplied by that second out port on your filter. That return line helps prevent vapor lock. Not sure on the pressure, so I won't even...
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    Dash lights questions

    The lights are pretty simple to replace, but often are easier to replace by removing the whole gauge just because it's like trying to thread a needle with your eyes closed. I bet if you tried a search you could find the bulb size. Lots of people upgrade to LEDs, and typically you can find a...
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    SJScrambler - Getting Started

    I have one with latches and a lock, keep your eyes open so you can make a full set!
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    New Member - Looking to learn

    Any cabinet maker worth their salt can take those instructions and remake them. Should also be helpful to have your originals nearby.
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    83 converted into a brush fire truck, seeking estimates on value and interest

    I see these in a separate class from traditional Scramblers, so they're hard to compare. Because of their specific history and modifications, they be worth more to a smaller group of buyers. They'll be a little like the Alaskan Postals in that regard. Could be a complete rusted out piece of...
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    83 converted into a brush fire truck, seeking estimates on value and interest

    Lots of things in this market get talked up and have inflated demand, often because they're rare. Even the simplest of things like original mud flaps and one particular line of floor mats. I remember even 10yrs ago stock radios being worth their weight in gold. Now, you can't find a working one...
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    83 converted into a brush fire truck, seeking estimates on value and interest

    Try a search, I'm sure we've seen comparable listings, at least one fairly recent, that might help you get an idea of asking price. Are you at all interested in the fire equipment? For some buyers that has a sort of provenance that might make it worth more. I would keep that stuff in storage if...
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    83 converted into a brush fire truck, seeking estimates on value and interest

    Wonder if this has been off and on the market recently. Not the first brush truck we've seen, seems like there was one posted within the past year?
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    SJScrambler - Getting Started

    Oh we sweat plenty :) Many days recently I've walked into the house and pitched my shirt right into the wash. Looks like we got up to a cool 112 today, 116 predicted for the weekend!
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    Project Blue

    It'll probably be 6-12 months before I print again. I've been drawing them up in Photoshop and then having them printed by an online photography company - it's a special material similar to what's used for drive through menus and there may only be one place in the US that does it. It's not...
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    Project Blue

    I've done them in the past, but just printed some films so won't be doing it again for a while unfortunately. If you had only reached out a couple of weeks ago!
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    A gearing question for a street only scrambler.

    If I had stayed with 31s, that's what I considered doing. I think you'll be surprised at how well it does at that gearing; it may seem like the engine is going to fly out of the bay given how it sounds now, but it'll be fine. Just be sure you won't want to jump up in tire size down the road...