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    My old 1981 SCRAMBLER returns 25 years later

    That is some serious protection
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    Current Scrambler pics

    Great looking 8, love the car seat 👍
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    Current Scrambler pics

    Good to see it back out!
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    My 85' Restoration

    Heater box back in, and pedals. I’m going to try to swing it over to the exhaust shop late next week before the snow flies and the cover the roads in salt. Making progress now.
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    Veterans Day

    Thank you all that have served for this great nation!
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    TDK Frame - Paint vs. Powdercoat? Shackle reversal? Other modifications?

    I had mine galvanized and then powder coated. Living in Michigan, I wasn’t taking any chances on the frame. The rear body mounts were 1/2” off and had to be re-drilled but other then that it was spot on. I did do the shackle reversal, but I haven’t driven it yet so I can’t speak to the ride...
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    New Cage Installed - Scrambler Restomod

    I agree, very well done. Best one I’ve seen.
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    Frame Cracks

    I went down the same rabbit hole with my build. Between the cost and time of cleaning it up and needing a stronger frame fit the 360 and trail use, I went with the TDK frame. Awesome quality, only issue was the rear body mounts were 1/2 off. But other than that it was perfect. I had it...
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    Coffee Walk Scrambler edition!!

    He does have a bunch of 8s there. Glad to see he’s saving as many as he can.
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    My 85' Restoration

    That’s awesome, it looks great. What engine did you go with?
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    Best battery

    According to their website, they are owned by EnerSYS energy products out of Pennsylvania. At least they are still American owned for now.
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    Best battery

    correct, they do need to order them. And in a pinch, you could buy a second random battery to get you home and then return it once the replacement odyssey comes in. But, I have had to warranty one in the last couple years and they had a new one back to me in 24 hours. It was my accessory...
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    Best battery

    They sell them at Autozone. If you buy it through them, they have all the warranty information on file and it makes the process very easy.