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1982 CJ-10 Build Thread


Scrambler Junkie
Lifetime Member
I agree with BW. Brush guards on a CJ seem a bit awkward. Would be interesting to see one that is formed to the contour of the front-end.


Scrambler Junkie
Lifetime Member
Like I tell my friends when they ask advice on the reno' projects, I am great at spending someone else's money... I'd think there would be a lot of man hours tweaking bends and such but I am not a metal fab guy. I could do it in wood but that wouldn't provide much protection.
No updates for the CJ-10 this week. Just doing jeep stuff, finding parts and working on other jeeps.

The J10 bed is back from being painted. We are only painting the exterior of the truck. So the bed and inside of the bed are painted but the underneath is untouched. This is how we received it from Wyoming. It's in immaculate condition and the frame itself still has the original paint on it. Which will be untouched. Only the cab exterior is going to be painted. The floors are all factory paint and 0 rust. It's a amazing truck. Now we are searching for the pioneer decals and molding for the truck...

We had the little rust near the fenders repaired properly, replaced with new metal. No bondo.


I also found a nice set of Tracker A-T's i'm bugging the guy for, which will be nice on one of the jeeps.