AMC401 or LS


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sdsupilot said put a spreadsheet together. That is typically what I do and I had started working down that path.. I have been compiling a list of 401 and various LS options. There are other LS options like finding one on classified add, but I just went retail for now. I pasted a snapshot of the spreadsheet, hope it is readable. If it was based on parts alone then the 401 is cheaper for my setup since I have EFI already along with headers, fan, 4 core radiator etc. Add in builder fee that I guessed on, then LS is a wash assuming I am not leaving out more parts for LS, like VSS etc. I also considered power output meaning a 5.3 will move my junk, but would it be the same tractor power as a 401. Where the LS6.0 & LS6.2 are closer to the torque output.

The used 5k mile rebuilt 401 for $2500, posted earlier, if it is good, is a bargain compared to what this math is showing. Really depends on what parts were put into the rebuild. Some of the parts I listed are nice to have vs have to have. Like, oil pan (should help with main bearing issues from what I read), along with ARP bolts etc. I want to do it once preferably.

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