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Jeep Hemi...


Scrambler Junkie
CJ-8.com Member
I recently decided to build the "RUSTIC HEMI" using my 1982 Scrambler with a 2005 GC 5.7 Hemi. I have researched this a lot and started to assemble parts needed. If anyone has done this, I would welcome any lessons learned, thank you.
I'm also starting a Hemi conversion in my '81 restomod CJ-8. I'll be using a gen 4, 5.7 out of a 2011 GC, 545RFE auto from a truck and 241 xfer case from a JK. Planning on getting a harness and ECU from Hotwire and the CJ gauges from dakota digital. I've completed several JK Hemi swaps but those are basically plug and play...Not many out there but I would love to hear from those who've already been down this path...