Newly installed Supertop


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I'm curious if anyone has thoughts/experience with the bestop fitment with original hard doors. Mine has no top right now, and I really do need to get that taken care of, but want to make sure that I can just use the doors I already have. Any thoughts or advice will be really appreciated.

I am running mine with the factory hard doors.

A couple of tips I learned (the hard way).

The Bestop instructions tell you to adjust your windshield (front or back) to a certain distance to the back of the bed. I did this like the directions stated and THEN tried to put my doors back on. I had to readjust everything back the way it was originally. The fitment was better that way anyway.

The second thing is to make sure that the "B" pillar lower retainer is far enough towards the back of the bed to allow the doors to close. Again, I installed per direction and ended up having to create slots in the top rail of the jeep for the bracket to slide back far enough to let the door closed.

Once everything was installed, I also had to massage (bend) the "B" pillars outwards to make contact with the doors and create a seal.

All in all, I am happy with everything. I don't get any water coming in, but there is enough of a gap to get a bunch of pollen through to collect on my seats.

I wish I had left the hard doors on while I was installing the top to get all of the fitment issues straight the first time.

Outside of all this, I have been happy. The two piece soft doors are another issue that I have to work out still.