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That turned out awesome! First time I’ve seen this thread. Thanks for updating it after the crash!


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Nice car!

My dad bought a '69 Dodge Polara 500 'vert new. It was the only car he ever bought sight unseen, ordered before they were released. '69 was a body style change for the polara/fury. It was a red with black top (he ordered it with a white top, but the factory screwed up and installed a black top). He always suspected it was the car used in the brochure. It was also the only car he ever regretted selling. Had the 383 with a 727. He used that car to enter a "fuel economy contest" where the winner got to drive the experimental turbine car. He rejetted the carb to run lean, knew the time of day to have the least traffic, and knew the timing of the lights to eliminate any stops resulting in an easy win for the full size car class.

He said the turbine car was interesting, but extremely sluggish.


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Just finished the NC inspection process. If you purchase a classic/antique vehicle that’s never been in NC prior it has to be inspected by the Highway Patrol License and Theft bureau to ensure it’s not a chop job or VIN plate switch before it’s legally yours. It passed with flying colors as expected but the process can take some time. NC won’t provide a title until all this was done. I’ve been down this road before so I knew what to expect

Numbers matching low production car based on it being an auto, metallic yellow with saddle interior, and being an AC car. Probably not the one I’d go out and buy with cash in hand (based on color alone) but it fit the trade deal on the Plymouth. I added a small amount of cash to the deal. Long story short his wife wanted a big convertible to haul around the grandkids and he wanted a big block MOPAR. Mine fit the bill.

I will say... I do like the fact that the color combo screams 70s. This being a ‘73 it’s also a one year only C3 since they didn’t have front bumpers this year and retained the early rear lights /bumper set up. I have lots of documentation on the car and have plans to get it NCRS certified. C3s aren’t bringing anywhere near C1 or C2 money these days but they are creaping up in value. We’ll see where this goes

More pics to come

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