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    switch to EFI...

    Factory GM TBI is pretty tried and true....and came factory on SBC 350's. You won't ever make 1000 hp with the GM 2bbl TBI variant, but they are about as simple as you can get for "efi" while minimizing the amount of changes you would have to make to your current setup. Next step would be a...
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    Anyone know what this is ?

    It's clearly a dikfer. :poop: Ribbon style plugs suggest maybe aftermarket gauges or some sort of accessory add-ons....?
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    1984 Laredo

    Nice! There's some decent kit on there already. Should be a great driver.
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    T5 transmission any good?

    T19 is no different than a T18....still very long throw. The "best" shifting transmission with decent gearing, based solely on my personal experience having driven many manuals, is the ZF S5-47 5-speed wide ratio found behind Ferd 3/4 ton gassers in the '90s. The ZF's are far from a "car"...
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    Ball and Buck CJ-8?!?!

    To me, it really doesn't look refined enough to warrant the ICON-ish pricetag. Makes me wonder how successful the Legacy Classic Truck retro Scrambler was/is.... Also makes me wonder what they are paying for decent rollers....... But I'm not sure I could live with myself if I did that. My...
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    YJ Half Door Alignment

    ^that would be my guess as well.
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    ECU Mounting Location & Wiring Harness

    I'm about to begin diving into a pullout LS engine harness and attempting a DIY standalone. Where are some of you guys mounting your ECU and how are you running your harness? Also, what are some good standalone harnesses should one abandon the DIY route? Any input is greatly appreciated by...
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    YJ Half Door Alignment

    Isn't the early door latch different from the pin-striker that is common on later CJ's and YJ's?
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    T5 transmission any good?

    T-5 with 35" tires raises a flag for me....regardless of the 4.10s. I'd say no, you could not rely on it.
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    Loud noise at startup?

    I agree with it being starter related. Could be low cranking amps in the battery. Could be a bad ground or corroded contacts dropping the starting current. Could be a bum starter.
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    Which axle has faster tire wear, front or rear?

    Assuming an open differential in the rear axle, the front tires will likely wear faster. As stated, they take nearly all the lateral force from turning, and the majority of the braking force due to forward weight transfer. Not to mention, front axle geometry often does not have the tire...
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    Meet Red, my 81 Restomod Build

    It's okay. With that air cleaner where it is, and no sign of an intercooler, you couldn't stay in it long before it starts pinging it's head off........unless it's running E85.
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    So I picked up this Dana 60 the other day....

    Interesting axle. D60 center is definitely overkill....D44 or Ford 9" would have been more appropriate for those outers. But it's still full float, so that's a plus.