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    What are you guys cooking!?

    Grass is out of control with the rain. I refuse to mow every other day so it’s like a hayfield when I do. Thatch galore.
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    Dana 300 highway driving operating tempurature

    I'll try to remember to shoot mine with the IR thermometer sometime. No gauge. Same here, it's always nicely warm to the touch but never hot.
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    What are you guys cooking!?

    Did the grill basket with some chicken thighs on the fire pit tonight followed by bourbon and a cigar. Yesterday was a smoked pork tenderloin This morning was my new favorite breakfast, what I’m calling a piggyback three egg omelette, two egg cheese omelette with a fried egg and more...
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    Our adoption story and update

    Appreciate the kind words and reading others’ stories. We celebrated 22 years of marriage this weekend by taking the kid to Toy Story 4, so I guess you can say we really enjoy being parents :rotfl:
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    My Newest Project - Me !?!?

    Awesome news brother!
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    Our adoption story and update

    Wow @wm69, that’s quite the saga. We tried every damn thing up to two rounds of in vitro and it was a hellish rollercoaster that just never stopped and got progressively more and more horrific. I’d never wish that on my worst enemy. Glad to hear yours eventually had a happy outcome too.
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    Our adoption story and update

    One of the cool things about this place is that it's been around for 17 YEARS now and there are so many folks who've been around from the beginning. Another cool thing is how incredibly supportive and kind the folks here are in general and that it's never fallen into the hot mess that so many...
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    Happy Fathers Day!

    This is so full of awesomeness. Spent the day with the wife and kid between daughter's friend's dive meet, her swim meet outside in the cold rain, dinner out and playing Fortnite until late.
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    In Search Of.......

    Hmm, asked a friend about potential resources to help...
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    How many states have you driven your -8 to/through?

    None of this is anything technical, so sure! :thumbsup: I am considering my trips from initial purchase to home and then from home somewhere and back round trip without trailering. So I wouldn't count your Louisiana driving but who the hell cares? You own a freaking Overlander! :shrug: :cheers:
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    World Cab/Postal top removal steps w/pics

    You should do an Overlander equipment thread and I’ll do a Postal equipment thread to get these small details recorded. :thumbsup:
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    World Cab Parts

    I am 99.9% certain I do not have those. I’ll try to remember to check for sure when I’m home and have a second to crawl underneath.