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    Found a cool old Jeep pic my Dad took

    Very cool. You'll have to frame the Jeep pic. Or maybe do a collage of your Dad's pics together. How sweet would it be if you had a picture of your Dad with Elvis?!!
  2. designerRob

    Scrambler emblems on the sides of the bed?

    I think all Scramblers should have both of these. (y)
  3. designerRob

    KISS Daily driver (keep it simple stupid)

    Good luck John! You have a nice project there. I think you will find many if not most peps here have drivers and not show Jeeps. You fit right in. 🍻
  4. designerRob

    Are the Scramblers getting to valuable to enjoy

    A lot of people can buy old Jeeps and wheel them. Look at all the people that will spend twice as much on a new Wrangler and wheel it. Also, you can do a lot of 4 wheeling and not 'rag it out'. And I would argue an 83' Scrambler would cost less to repair than a 2021 Wrangler. I don't really...
  5. designerRob


    Sorry, I prefer the original colors. Although the fade does look interesting. And X1000 for no camo. Your a lucky guy to have your own custom graphics access. Be sure and let us know how it turns out.
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    Current Scrambler pics

    Dash pads above
  7. designerRob

    GREATCJ8 Restoration V3

    Looks great and perfect stance on 33s. I can't wait to see it in all stock paint color eventually. 👍
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    Current Scrambler pics

    Man, I can't believe you sold that. That's freakin awesome! I hope you can find it.
  9. designerRob

    Another decal thread question about hood

    I wouldn't like it. But hey, it's your Jeep, do what you like. One idea, you could buy both sets and apply them to heavy duty magnetic sheet. Then you could apply either set depending on your mood. Or, one year run the SCRAMBLER set and the next year run the RENEGADE set.
  10. designerRob

    Help me pick stripe/decals

    You could do the 83-84 decals too. I think they basically have the same yellow color option. Maybe you could try the red or blue colors but that would be risky for $350ish. Good luck. I love the factory decals.
  11. designerRob

    Help me pick stripe/decals

    I would do the Phoenix Graphix 81-82 stripe kit in yellow. I believe this is what @walkerhoundvm used on his. And I think everyone would agree that it looks awesome. Check his out if you haven't seen it, it's beautiful.
  12. designerRob

    100 questions

    Totally agree. And especially if you need to regear anyway.
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    Current Scrambler pics

    She's a beauty. 👍
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    That's America.
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    Meet Red, my 81 Restomod Build

    That top is very interesting. It's definitely custom to the roll cage. Doesn't look like it folds but it appears to fit well.