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    Recognize anybody in the this clip!?

    Wow, what a beautiful place to live!!! I love Drummond. Never met the couple, maybe one day.
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    Another Scrambler Purchase/Road Trip - UPDATE- BODY ON FRAME AGAIN

    Great pics and descriptions! Thanks for sharing.:cheers:
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    Wider too
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    That Scrambler looks tiny next to the Gladiator.
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    Been a while since we had a Beer thread...

    Gr8dain, you're much more adventurous than I. Were they good?
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    Bringing 1983 Scrambler back to life

    On that suspension setup, definitely 31s
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    Been a while since we had a Beer thread...

    Love that airport
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    World Cab, road trip?

    Their might be quite a few people leaving Venezuela and coming this way. Maybe you could get one of them to transport your parts. :unsure:
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    2019 EJS and SOA National/Sand Hollow prep/trip

    Cool pics! Have a safe trip back.
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    TJ wrangler wheels vs CJ wheels

    Here you go: They come in 15x7,8,10 in your bolt pattern. No adapters needed
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    2019 EJS and SOA National/Sand Hollow prep/trip

    X2...... Very interesting to follow along on your adventure. :cheers:
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    Help! Mud Flap / Splash Guard Template

    What are you using for the blanks to cut these out?
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    Custom Decals

    I think the Laredo decal set in a dark blue color would look cool and custom. Have you seen the 2 other varieties of Laredo & Renegade hood decals that Phoenix Graphix offers? They don't come with side stripes though. I think they come in blue but they don't show that color. PG do a crappy job...
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    Custom Decals

    I have never done custom decals. I also like the decal set on the tan CJ, simple but cool. Not to influence one way or another, just my :twocents: One thing I really like about factory decal sets for the various CJs is the center hood designs. They're unique and well designed, not something...