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  1. designerRob

    The Land Yacht

    Lets see some pics of the Vette. Love the early C3s. (y)
  2. designerRob

    Bestop CJ7 age?

    barrys, you could call Bestop and ask if you haven't already. Bestop was remaking some special color tops for CJs to celebrate 60 year anniversary, called Heritage tops. But I think it's over now. Collins Bros. still have some of these tops. https://collinsbrosjeep.com/heritage-tops/ The blue...
  3. designerRob


    I think it will prove to be a very cool setup. But it's not for me.
  4. designerRob

    Been a while since we had a Beer thread...

    That would be very sad. I'd contact the company. At least let them know how you feel. They might go back to the old recipe next year if sales are down and complaints are up. :cheers:
  5. designerRob

    Scale Model Jeep CJ-7 Golden Eagle Build

    Wow, nice work on the CJ-SEVEN! I'd love to see a completed Scrambler. Has anyone completed a CJ-8 model?
  6. designerRob

    Jeep art

    Cool artwork. I like the mountain biker too. (y)
  7. designerRob

    1983 CJ8 Restoration Begins

    What a great find. That's a big job but will look awesome when done. Is it black or dark blue?
  8. designerRob

    Been a while since we had a Beer thread...

    We we're out visiting friends and fellow beer lovers in the Chicago area and came back with some delicious local brews. Clown Shoes and Ninja vs Unicorn were really awesome double ipas.
  9. designerRob

    Happy Thanksgiving 🦃

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I'm thankful for this forum and all the great active members.
  10. designerRob

    Rock Sliders

    My vote is RockHard 4x4.(y) A quality product.
  11. designerRob

    Some Upgrades Coming

    That's awesome news about your braking system. When you get into it would you post up what you needed to do to wheel this combo? The reason I ask is that I'm looking to go with new tires and possibly wheels in the near future and I'm torn between sizes. I think I'm sitting about the same as...
  12. designerRob

    Camp Fire - Northern California - Tale of Woe....

    Those forest fires are nasty to say the least. I'm really glad your family is safe!
  13. designerRob

    Rearward "BRAT" seat install

    Looks like it turned out great. I've thought that it would be nice to be able to mount a back seat facing forward without the bulkhead in (running full softop) and facing rearward when running the hardtop & bulkhead. But I would want seat belt mounts for both configurations too. Well done. (y)
  14. designerRob

    Postal and Bantam tent trailer headed to SEMA 2018 & west coast tour

    Thanks for the trip update. That's a helluva trip!