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    Current Scrambler pics

    It was a few days ago.
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    Current Scrambler pics

    First day out of garage, and a wash.
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    My Newest Project - Me !?!?

    Great to hear, hope to see you at Sandblast!!:cheers:
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    Happy birthday Mr. Beep/Toby!

    Happy Birthday Toby! :birthday:
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    Wider Axles on a CJ8

    It is a few inches longer on short side which eliminates the need to outboard. J10 front axle is the same,
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    Wider Axles on a CJ8

    I run an isuzu 44 rear which also gets you rear disc, for the front I used a 79 cherokee chief wide track cut down 4 inches on long side. This axle does not have to be outboarded because of pinion placement, also you can use a stock 82 waggy axle on long side instead of have axle custom cut...
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    and so it begins...

    I live close, happy to help. :ROFLMAO:
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    Frame rebuild??

    I had a soft spot on both rear hangers, I cut it out and plated it.
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    What are you guys cooking!?

    I smoked some ribs on my pellet smoker, this thing is amazing!
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    Any Jeep pics you want to share?

    68 and sunny today in February, you bet we are driving our Scramblers!
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    Any Jeep pics you want to share?

    My 81
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    Any Jeep pics you want to share?

    First Michigan snow with the new jeep!
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    My 82 Build

    Time to start final assembly, ended up pulling tub to install brake and fuel lines.
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    My 82 Build

    Finally got my scrambler fired up! The 4.0 purrs,managed to find a 5 speed for it also.