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    Pouring oil into my frame to preserve it longer!

    x2 Fluid Film. I have been using it for years on my plow trucks. It works well on oil pans of 7.3 PSD too. We have a 1997 and a 2000 that has seen each winter plowing commercially since new and still running the original oil pans.
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    Front seats

    x2... looks like re-covered base model low backs
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    1984 SL Restoration

    Thank you for doing this. It will be helpful to me and others.
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    1984 SL Restoration

    Good progress. Would you be willing to post up a pdf scan of the antennae mount template? Thanks.
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    Shipping a rear seat?

    Uhaul calls it the flat wardrobe , I think.
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    Meet Red, my 81 Restomod Build

    Nice radiator detail! Well done.
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    Scrambler photo contest

    If this is an Alaskan Postal... is it on the registry? It has the correct swing on the rear door and stilll has the rear mud flaps. Do you have any contact info?
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    wheel well tool boxes?

    This is the Lido box.
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    wheel well tool boxes?

    I talked to Lido a while ago. They don't have any new old stock and no longer make truck boxes in their business. I currently have a pair of used aluminum weatherguard boxes that will work with a lot of modification. The roll bar would have to be windowed through the floor, and the lid and...
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    Another Scrambler Purchase/Road Trip - UPDATE- BODY ON FRAME AGAIN

    Wow, how many miles are on that header? Do they always fail that quickly?
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    Semi-Custom bed mat

    Very nice work!
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    CLR Rust Remover

    We have been using Fluid Film on all our plow trucks for years with great results combating the effects of road salt. One truck is a 1997 F350 PSD which is still on its original oil pan. This truck has seen every storm since it was new. Another 2002 F350 PSD original pan also plowed since...
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    Survivor Project

    Special Jeep yes. But for me low mileage is not everything. Years ago I passed on a super low mileage Rubicon LJ because of the mess the undercoater made to the chassis, wiring, and underbody. There would be a lot of labor and nos parts to bring this scrambler back again to read as a 1,000...
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    Survivor Project

    I can't believe the mileage can be accurate or that it was stored inside given the condition of the underside of that body.
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    Survivor Project

    Thank you!