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  1. Kane

    New Scambler owner. Hello all!

    Hey you aren't far off from the rest of us. I paid $2200 for mine and put $24,000 into it so pay now or pay during the build.
  2. Kane

    How long have you owned your '8?

    2010 for my on my only CJ8. My longest owned jeep was my cj5 that I had for 27 years.
  3. Kane

    Prices for sale, verses selling prices

    It seems like the factory stock Jeeps are worth more and the purist groups are growing in size. I do see most sellers getting close to what they are asking but once they get over 30k it just turns me away since I cannot afford to play in that group. Now oddly enough I have close to that in my...
  4. Kane

    Just bought an LS drivetrain.

    So I have been driving the Jeep almost daily for the last two months and I am completely in love with my Scrambler again. I had an issue with the transmission and only had 1 and 3rd gear. Turned out the band was shot and would not hold the drum in place which is a common problem. This motor...
  5. Kane

    Current Scrambler pics

    I'm in love with your Jeep. Don't tell mine though.
  6. Kane

    Budget Iceland Offroad ZJ build

    It came along very nicely as a sweet go anywhere daily driver. Nice work.
  7. Kane

    Alaskan Postal Scrambler/World Cab - count/registry - help build the list

    There are 8 more for sale on this page. Not sure if they are on your list or not. http://davidsclassiccars.com/jeep/31595-1984-jeep-cj8-alaskan-postal-scrambler.html
  8. Kane

    1983 Scrambler "STUMP JUMPER". Frame off, 5.3 Conversion.

    Being a recent finisher of my LS swap I can say wither certainty that I should have done this in the beginning. This driveline just make the Jeep a whole new beast and it is just fun to drive daily now. I am a full fledged convert now and thanks to you and Randy for the great threads.
  9. Kane


    I always worry about getting rear-ended and then you have almost 20k in bikes destroyed and Jeep damage. I keep my bike on the roof of my car or in the bed of a truck.
  10. Kane

    Giving it a Jolt

    When I converted to my AX15 and hydraulic clutch I just drilled a hole into the mechanical clutch pedal lever and it worked great for 4 years until I pulled it.
  11. Kane

    Current Scrambler pics

    My daughters and I went to a school function and we needed to dress up our vehicle and ourselves to match a favorite movie. My kids both wanted to take the Jeep and go with this Jurassic Park theme. This was my driving force to get the LS swap finished so I could take them. We won the most...
  12. Kane

    Looking for an ash tray

    Yup two types. With AC and without.
  13. Kane

    Let’s see your LS air filter setups

    Here is my filter setup for now. I bought a cheep $59 amazon filter kit for a Silverado and then bought a good K&N filter. I just cut the tub down to the size I needed. I actually want to flip it to the other side and then make a sheet metal box so it can be a real cold air setup.
  14. Kane

    Just bought an LS drivetrain.

    Well after a major push these past 5 days and about 30 hours worth of work I finally got the swap done and the Jeep driving. It feels so good to have a real motor with real power. I should have just did this when I built the Jeep the first time. Now I just need to button things up like...
  15. Kane

    Current Scrambler pics

    Never. I lose my shit every time I see one, which is almost never.